Bob Seger Day comes early as Eagles make cuts…

This could have waited until Tuesday…but Doug Pederson followed in the tradition of his mentor Andy Reid by making his initial round of personnel cuts as early as possible— thus giving the rejected players and their agents an extra day or two to line up auditions with other NFL teams. But the initial pain of […]


Eagles offensive line looks solid in 33-23 win over Colts…

Not the sexiest headline you’d want to read on an Eagles blog… but that’s my major takeaway… I concentrated on the Eagles first-team offensive blocking against the Colts first-team defense… and I was convinced the Eagles line dominated… Of course the media kings like ESPN will focus more upon the individual heroics of the so-called […]


Indianapolis Freedom!! Eagles fans gotta eat, too!

The Eagles charter jet boards for Indy….We prepare for PS Game 3… we’ll keep it here through the Eagles’ invasion into the Indianapolis Colts’ home turf at 7:00 P.M. EST…but we’re gonna have a tailgate party anyway. Our long-time resident poster STINE cooked up what looks like the perfect tailgate appetizer for the occasion…he calls […]


Eagles fans won’t be fooled again by good preseason results…

No Carson Wentz in PS3 this week as the rookie QB continues to mend from a hairline fracture of the ribs. But Wentz says he is determined to play in the 4th preseason game on September 1 against the Jets—which may or may not be allowed to happen by the Eagles coaching and medical staffs. […]


Eagles team identity and M.O. for 2016 is becoming quite clear…

Rookie linebacker Joe Walker suffered a season-ending knee injury and CB Aaron Grymes suffered a shoulder injury (2 to 4 weeks) in the preseason win in Pittsburgh. Other than that, I have a lot to celebrate about the evolution of the 2016 Philadelphia Eagles so far. I seem to feel I am beginning to know […]


Eagles at Steelers PS2 is a chance for some to prove they belong…

[The Eagles-Steelers game will also be featured live on the NFL Network.] This 2nd Preseason game of 2016 will by necessity become the greatest stage of backup QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s pro career. A hairline rib fracture keeps the Golden Child rookie QB Carson Wentz on the sideline, opening up most of the 2nd half reps […]


Absorbing the nuances of Eagles’ trade for Green-Beckham…

It’s ironic that the Eagles passed over a chance to draft Dorial Green-Beckham in 2015 and instead chose Nelson Agholor. Now these two cats are competing for the same starting job for the Eagles. Or are they? The counter-theory is Green-Beckham is really here now to fill the shoes of the Eagles’ best receiver Jordan […]


Eagles offense is going to have to grind through some issues…

Saturday’s practice for the Eagles (Day #15) was held for 2 hours and 40 minutes under brutal heat and humidity conditions. Enthusiasm was tempered by the news that Carson Wentz indeed had sustained a hairline fracture to a rib on that hit he took in his next-to-last snap on Thursday night against the Bucs. But […]


It’s official: Carson Wentz passes the initial EYE test…

[Photos by John Geliebter and Brian Garfinkel of] They say what you see is what you get… I saw a reason to believe in Carson Wentz’ future as a franchise QB for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. I had been somewhat dubious before the exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Bucs, but now […]


Tampa Bay at Eagles Thursday night—the 2016 saga begins…sorta…

Tampa Bay finished up with a disappointing 6-10 last season, Lovey Smith was fired….but Jameis Winston emerged as a quarterback to be reckoned with. Memories in Philly are still fresh of his carving up the Eagles last year. I’m not sure Winston will play much, if at all on Thursday night. But I’d like to […]


“Hell Days” of Eagles TC are over… now the “Butterflies” portion of camp begins…

Let us review the final preparations the Eagles are making for their preseason game Thursday night against Tampa Bay at the Linc~~ Most of these updates you already know, but I list them here for posterity: Tackling-to-the-ground phase of training camp drills is over…kaput… from here on out it’s wrap-and-release… “But we will continue to practice […]