Jordan Hicks is healthy again for Eagles…

    “Aggressive,” Eagles inside linebacker Jordan Hicks said yesterday. “Everything we do is attack and I think we heavily rely on our D-line to set the tone and then the linebackers and everybody behind is filling and coming downhill aggressively. It’s a fearless defense. You’ve got to be fearless to play it.” “It’s going […]


Parse the Schwartz, please… Eagles new DC shakes things up…

I love new Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’ approach which is a no-bullshit take on making the defensive unit a difference-maker in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Billy Davis hater— I recognize Davis had to cow-tow to Chip Kelly’s insanely paced offensive game plan and had his defensive unit on the […]


Week 2 of Eagles OTA’s grinds on…

The second week of full-squad Eagles OTA activities continued on Tuesday. Media was allowed to watch the practice and of course overreacted to the alleged “competition” among the quarterback group. How silly at this point of the offseason to be “grading” the passing performances of Bradford, Daniel and Wentz, all of whom are going up […]


This Eagles blog is about nothing…

You know it’s a slow day in Eagles football world when you find yourself staring at the team’s front office employees list and counting the number of corporate employees (it’s up to 217 now, and they just added my nephew’s name— John Gonoude— to the list in the Public Relations department). Amazingly Christina Weiss Lurie […]


Bill Barnwell’s offseason report card for Eagles

Bill Barnwell -ESPN Staff Writer It’s good to see the Eagles through the EYE of an outsider every now and then. I’ve looked around over the years and have found few outsiders more genuinely objective than ESPN’s Bill Barnwell. I discovered him when he was Managing Editor for Football Outsiders, a quantitative think-tank… then he began […]


Ryan Mathews will get his chance as featured running back for Eagles…

Eagles installing a true fullback in their running game plan? At least in a certain class of situational alignments? There was a hint of that in OTA’s this week— Chris Pantale, a tight end who was on the practice squad last season, took some reps in the backfield. The Eagles lined up in an I-formation […]


Eagles head coach Doug Pederson tells it like it is…

One thing I give coach Pederson a lot of credit for is his straight-forward honesty when he speaks to the press. He may not be the most eloquent speaker, but he shoots straight—and with a refreshingly candid difference from the fast-talking and often obtuse guy who was here before him. Here are a few excerpts […]


Eagles OTA’s continue with Bradford as #1 guy…

Somewhat lost in the high drama of Sam Bradford’s return to Eagles OTA’s on Tuesday were some roster-tweaking moves: Tight end M.J. McFarland and linebacker Ty Powell were added to the 90-man roster. To make room for McFarland and Powell, quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson and offensive lineman Brett Boyko were released. A 6-5, 255-pound rookie tight […]


Isaac Seumalo is a diamond in the rough for Eagles…

Alex Smith has a nice write-up out today at PE.com on the Eagles’ third-round pick, guard Isaac Seumalo. Since Oregon State operates on a quarter system, Seumalo will have to miss the OTA’s which begin on Tuesday, as NFL rules state that a player must complete the academic year before joining his team full time. […]


Eagles rookies and a fast start go hand in hand…

There’s an old baseball saying that goes—you can’t win a pennant in April and May, but you surely can lose one then with a lousy start…for me that concept kind of applies to rookie minicamp and all preseason activities in football. Basically it’s a meet’n’greet orientation week for new employees and staff. The playbook is […]


Eagles Rookie Minicamp is a true Field of Dreams

All EYEs are on the young draftees, undrafted free agents, several guys from last year’s practice squad and about 25 tryout guys as the Eagles’ three-day Rookie Minicamp begins Friday and runs through Sunday. The extra “tryout guys” are basically there to fill out the field so that drills and alignments can simulate actual competition […]


Waiting on Eagles’ late bloomers…

Scouting football talent is not a precise science, as you know by now. The Eagles have had their fair share of surprises, both good and bad, in their history of drafts and tryouts over the years. You probably don’t remember Thurman Randle, but he was scouted as the next great offensive tackle for the Birds […]


Who is Joe Douglas?—and why does it matter to Eagles?

Howie Roseman will have someone running the scouting department in Joe Douglas, but will still have final say on personnel decisions. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) (Matt Rourke) This in from ESPN late Monday: The Philadelphia Eagles have beefed up their personnel department with the addition of longtime Baltimore Ravens scout Joe Douglas. The hiring was confirmed […]


Eagles humble pie is best served warm to Sam Bradford

In the end it turns out our resident EYE-nalyst DUTCH RUBB was on the money a week ago when he predicted Sam Bradford’s wildcat strike was for the most part a maneuver to get himself traded to the Denver Broncos. Either the asking price was too high or John Elway had no interest— I guess […]


Eagles have a multi-progression reader in Wentz…

One of the things PE.com‘s Fran Duffy and Greg Cosell like the most about rookie QB Carson Wentz is his experience in college as a “multi-progression reader.” Here’s Fran Duffy to explain what that means: “Long story short (because this would be an entire article in itself), Wentz was asked to do more than your typical […]


JB99’s annual weeview of Eagles draft…

One of the great football minds of this millennium is the former player and current analyst The Great JB99, who is a frequent contributor here and in the fan comments section of Bleeding Green Nation. Here is his much anticipated weeview of the 2016 Eagles draft… “AND NOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!11! TGJB99’s […]