Malcolm Jenkins is the Janet Leigh of Eagles football…

I’m sorry, it’s “Janet Leigh Night” on Turner Classic Network… and I am blown away by how Ms. Leigh dominated every movie she was ever featured in and took the game over from her spot deep in the secondary backfield of the cast and plot… I will get back to previewing the upcoming game against […]


Eagles must rebuild running game against the Rams…

It is full-blown correction time for the Eagles. A lot of stuff needs to be cleaned up by the Birds against a team that is coming off a Bye week at 1-2… The most obvious area of improvement needs to be accomplished in the Eagles’ run-blocking and run-assignment game. Alignment—assignment—count—technique— but the job will have […]


Livefyre Tailgate from San Francisco as Eagles battle 49ers…

The 49ers new stadium is beautifully set up for a fan-friendly tailgate. Hopefully it is also set up for an excellent upset victory by the Eagles. The Eagles will have to play fast and physical to overcome the determined 49ers, still smarting from the tongue-lashing they received from a crazed Jim Harbaugh last week. AccuScore […]


Eagles study the containment of Kap and the 49ers…

As a defense you have to respect Colin Kaepernick and his 49ers offense. But you don’t necessarily have to alter your basic game plan against them. They can be contained. The 49ers (1-2) have been outscored after halftime by a margin of 52-3 over their first three games. Something has regressed in offensive coordinator Greg […]


Damage control mode for Eagles (3-0) heading to San Francisco…

Tough road trip to the left coast for the Eagles is even more challenging now because of the myriad of injuries afflicting the team which, as our Florida correspondent Palmy pointed out, is really not an unusual situation for a lot of NFL teams these days. I think the conditioning and the physical training of […]


Livefyre In-Game commentary—Redskins (1-1) at Eagles (2-0)…

The Bored of Smart Phans takes over now. They will soon fill the lower mezzanine and call the action from the “Comments” section. Warm and humid in Philly today… “Excellent”, as Mr. Burns might say… DeSean Jaccpot will suit up and attempt to play for the Redskins despite a very sore shoulder. Also the ‘Skins […]


Trying to get inside Kirk Cousins’ game plan vs. Eagles….

Sorry for the delay in posting this one— a weird power outage on a storm-free sunny day knocked me out of the loop— so I will be going back to review your late Friday comments and adding your information to this topic as I retrieve it. Wow, we get to go up against Jay Gruden […]


Redskins think they have defensive answer to Eagles attack…

I’m putting my obsession with Redskins OLB Ryan Kerrigan out there—he’s pretty darn effective at meeting, greeting and beating right tackles. We know the RT position is shaky for the Eagles right now. For all I know Andrew Gardner will not even be starting there for the Birds this Sunday. Kerrigan of course is the […]

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Previewing The Top Three Games on the Eagles Home Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles overcame a 17-0 halftime hole to shock the Jaguars with a 34-17 win in week one. That pretty much sums up their offense. Even when Nick Foles and company seemed battered by an inferior team, they proved to be too explosive to keep down for good. A solid retort would have been […]


Realistic grades for Eagles heading into Sunday’s showdown with Redskins…

Geez, to read some of the fan comments and especially Philadelphia Daily News’ Paul Domowitch’s grade reviews of the Eagles victory over the Colts, you’d think we had lost that game… Al contrario, as our SoCal poster Brizorro might say… Domo was harsh upon the Birds in these categories: QB Nick Foles— “C”… Run Defense […]


Eagles rope-a-dope the Colts, 30-27…

The game started out with a seemingly dominant flow for the Eagles. They turned back Andrew Luck and the Colts with a seamless 3-and-out on Indy’s first possession…then on offense the Eagles nearly ran the table with a series of plays based upon a power sweep with a built-in bubble screen… And suddenly all of […]