Trying to figure out why Eagles are selling Evan Mathis…

The Philadelphia Eagles are blatantly hanging a “For Sale” sign on Pro Bowl left guard Evan Mathis. On the surface it looks like a maneuver to save some cap space and pick up an extra 5th or 6th round draft pick in the bargain. It may also be a tactic by the team to induce […]


Life goes on in Philly— Shady McCoy spews sour grapes…

“Time it was and what a time it was…preserve your memories…they’re all that’s left you…” That little philosophic-tid-bit stolen from Simon & Garfunkel (“Bookends”) should be applied like a bandaid to LeSean McCoy’s ego— except he’s too young and possibly too dumb to really absorb the meaning. Now that Shady is officially gone from Philly, […]


Eagles EYE on the rest of the NFC East offseason activity…

Sometimes as an Eagles fan I get so wrapped up in the offseason drama at home I tend to lose touch with all the doings in Dallas, New York and D.C. Bo Wulf just completed his report on the offseason moves made by the Redskins. It’s a very thorough report and you can check […]


Chip Kelly is having too much fun in Philly!

The Chippah is just playing with us now—and I have to admit it is fun. When you bring Tim Tebow in for an Eagles workout at QB, clearly you are using your imagination to entertain us—and maybe even educate us a little, too. Once you suspend your sense of disbelief as an Eagles fan, the […]


The other new pieces in the Eagles pie…

Sometimes the guys who get overshadowed by the star power of the bigger names in trades or free agent signings are the ones who end up helping your team the most. A case in point might be Justin Forsett, a running back who banged around the league (5 teams in seven years) on special teams […]


She told me to MACH this way— Herm Edwards says go get Mariota, Chip!

The Eagles draft picture has come into better focus just in time for the 9th annual MACH 10 Challenge— a deviously difficult contest co-invented by GK Brizer and JB “The Sage” nine seasons ago in the hallowed halls of’s On The Inside fan gallery. The official MACH 10 Challenge was kept alive here at […]


Here we go again—shopping for a cohesive Eagles secondary…

The problem with “buying” a cohesive defensive secondary is everything else has to be solid up front for a new corner or safety to make a difference. Even a Hall of Fame DB is going to get burned every time if the opposing QB has 4 or 5 seconds or more to survey the field. […]


Eagles roster a churning urn of burning funk heading into FA…

It’s good to be the King— and Chip Kelly is performing his version of “Steamroller Blues” live daily from NovaCare Complex this March. The Chippah has the power and the freedom this season to create a steaming beef stew with just about any ingredients he chooses. Philly fans are slowly adjusting to the fact that […]