Guaranteed money issues facing the Eagles in 2015…

The Eagles salary cap status on the surface of it is excellent— a little over $140 million to work with… But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tough decisons to make with regard to veteran players, especially in light of guaranteed money clauses in certain contracts. Are you sure you want to release Bradley Fletcher? If […]


Corn-fused about the Eagles’ intentions at QB?— I sure am…

I’ve rarely seen an Eagles team with such an embarrassment of developmental riches at the QB position. Usually over the past 15 years we went to war with Donovan McNabb and whoever was holding the clipboard on the sideline. Now we’ve got all kinds of possibilities in the making. You can make a case for […]


Sad reality— Miss Universe Pageant outrates the NFL Pro Bowl…

The bloom is so far off the rose of the NFL Pro Bowl game that many of us were “driven” to alternate programming— mainly the airing of the Miss Universe Pageant, which turned out to be a huge ratings plus for Donald Trump. I love NFL football— but I hate what the Pro Bowl represents. […]


Eagles at Pro Bowl, Brozer and Pauline at the Senior Bowl…

Congrats to our own home-grown correspondent Brozer from Virginia Tech land— he’s landed a draft analyst gig covering the Eagles for As I understand it, Broz’ job is to analyze and distill his home team’s mock draft based on the corresponding moves of 31 other team correspondents. Here are Broz’ latest “buffered” 7-round picks […]


This offseason, you can spend some quality time with LeSean McCoy

The Philadelphia Eagles all-time rushing leader, LeSean McCoy, has been one of the most exciting and dynamic rushers in the National Football League since 2009.  At just 26-years-old, the former All-American at Pittsburgh has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times and was the 2013 NFL rushing leader.  McCoy’s shifty running style, aggression and […]


Shopping for a pass rusher? Start with the Orchard…

The Eagles as well as every other team in the NFL have their collective EYE on a pass rush specialist named Nate Orchard who’s been ripping it up at Senior Bowl practices this past week. The great thing about Nate’s game is it can be projected to flourish in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 […]


Some guys the Eagles are talking with at the Senior Bowl practices…

Just a little visual teaser to kick things off this Thursday before the Senior Bowl— I’m following Tommy Lawlor’s and Jimmy Kempski’s little “football vacation” trip down to Mobile this week, and I tried to match up some photos with the names that Lawlor and Kempski have mentioned most as the serious prospects the Eagles […]


Eagles trading up to get Marcus Mariota?— child, please!!!

This is insane. Nobody playing QB in the NCAA last season is worth trading up 20 spots or multiple draft picks for… But this is the madness behind the rumor that Chip Kelly is so in love with Marcus Mariota that he would be willing to do so. I can’t even believe I’m addressing this […]


Draftek likes La’el Collins as Eagles pick at #20…

DRAFTEK is one of many Eagles fans’ favorite sites for sorting out the hundreds of college football prospects that are in play for the 2015 NFL Draft. I’ve been a “” kinda guy myself, but I’m opening my mind to DRAFTEK more and more. DRAFTEK’s rankings of the Top 100 Players in the Draft will […]


Historical perspective on Eagles drafts…

Every day is a new day, every NFL Draft is a crap-shoot… “Buy, buy” says the sign in the shop window— “Why, why?” says the junk in the yard… [bastardized lyrics courtesy of McCartney’s first solo album….] Before we really get into the upcoming business of upgrading the Philadelphia Eagles through free agency and the […]