Play hard and make a wish—Eagles at Redskins Livefyre tailgate…

You’re 9-5 and your back is against the wall— what is wrong with this picture? It’s just the NFL— maybe the regular season is too long—otherwise you could have 4 extra playoff teams in the mix, and the playoffs would begin this week. But here it is. The Eagles would want to beat the Redskins […]


Cheapest option for Eagles tickets in 2014 is this Sunday

The Washington Redskins don’t have much to play for heading into Week 16. It does appear head coach Jay Gruden will be back in 2015, but the team will probably be moving on from Robert Griffin III. While there is uncertainty and disappointment surrounding Redskins Nation these days, the Redskins still have a chance to […]


Redskins would love to bring Eagles down to their level…

Lost in all the mathematical possibilities of making the playoffs for the 9-5 Eagles is the emotional side of the upcoming game Saturday against the 3-11 Washington Redskins. Again to invoke a football cliche, “these two teams don’t like each other.” I always wondered what that really means. I mean I’m sure these guys greet […]


No time for belly-achin’— Eagles prepare for Redskins…

Okay, no more grumpy talk from me for the remainder of the season. I had my little rant about the Chippah’s methodology on offense. I appreciate the spirited debate and the insightful comments that arose from the Bored on the subject. Now it’s time to buckle my fan chinstrap and quit flapping my jaws about […]


As a head coach, Chip Kelly is an excellent offensive coordinator…

It’s discouraging to realize that even if the 2014 Eagles go 11-5 it may not be good enough to make the playoffs. That is a travesty based upon a very weak year for the Giants, Redskins, Falcons and Saints, not to mention the Bears and 49ers— kind of a ripple effect throughout the standings as […]


Dallas (9-4) vs. Eagles (9-4) Livefyre tailgate party…

If variety is the spice of life, then this game is not your cup of tea. They know us, we know them. We meet for the second time in 16 days. We may meet again in the playoffs. We’ve analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of both teams relative to each other for about a month […]


Dallas rematch with Philly — Eagles hunt for big plays…

It’s tough to win a “double-header” against any team, let alone a team like Dallas which comes to Philadelphia Sunday night with every intention of knocking the Eagles a rung down the NFC East ladder. Prime-time game—which means a ton of TV timeouts, a slower pace, more opportunities for adjustments and situational substitutions. Dallas has […]


Seattle (8-4) at Philly (9-3) — Livefyre Tailgate Bash…

This game is getting a bigger buildup than I thought— some are calling it “The Game of the Week”… The mainframe computer at AccuScore likes the Eagles’ chances. That’s the computer that has correctly predicted the W-L results of 11 of 12 Eagles games so far. After 10,000 simulations combining variables of personnel and scheme, […]


Eagles vs Cowboys the most expensive ticket remaining on Philly schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles are marching into December right where they want to be. It’s open for debate whether or not they’ll be excited once Nick Foles (collarbone) returns to full strength, but at 9-3 and sitting in first place in the NFC East, Chip Kelly’s crew has little to be down about. Naturally, a strong […]


Dear NFL officials: Let them play in Philly…

I wanted to get this rant off my chest before the Seattle-Eagles game officiating either illustrates or disproves my point. Subject: CONTESTED PASS RECEPTION— Situation: both the receiver and the DB have essentially equal opportunity and legal position to make a play on the ball. Our GK and T-Boner briefly touched on this subject in […]


Eagles D-Line has its hands full with Wilson and Lynch…

It is a chance to find out just how far the Eagles defensive line has come along over the past two years under line coach Jerry Azzinaro. Going up against the Seahawks’ read-option on Sunday will be like an accountant taking a CPA exam. Chip Kelly on Russell Wilson: “He always has his eyes down […]