Sammy’s agent spills the beans—now let’s talk Eagles draft

Analyzing QB Sam Bradford’s major beef with the Eagles (specifically with owner Jeff Lurie, GM Howie Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson) just got a lot easier. His agent Tom Condon basically broke it down like this for ESPN: “They did not tell Bradford they had a plan to draft a quarterback high in the […]


Does Sam Bradford really want out of Philly?

Is it true that Sam Bradford wants the Eagles to trade him now in reaction to the team’s move up to #2 overall to draft a quarterback? I question the accuracy of the sources reporting such a story, but as ATV points out, I haven’t exactly heard rousing denials of the story by Bradford’s camp […]


Eagles should be drafting for speed and explosion, not quarterback…

I don’t get the universal love affair with the Eagles’ moving the mountain of Sinai to draft a potential franchise QB. Meanwhile, this team is lacking in offensive speed and defensive explosion talent. Yeah, you heard me right—we’ve got problems and deficiencies in River City. And very few of them relate to the QB position. […]


Eagles moving on up—to 2nd overall pick

Reaction to Howie Roseman’s latest roll of the dice is mixed. But our resident Drafttek analyst ~BROZ and his bodyguard SOUTH PHILLY BEN have been predicting a blockbuster trade-up with Cleveland here at the EYE for weeks. ~BROZ foreshadowed the trade in recent posts including this one: “Many 1st-time head coaches (especially offense-minded ones) want to […]


The “Magnificent Seven” theory of Alex Smith leading up to Eagles pick

Anything can happen to change the order of the Eagles’ 1st-round pick next Thursday night (currently pick #8), but if the Birds stay at #8 overall, here’s how Alex Smith of sees the “Magnificent 7” falling before the Eagles are on the clock: 1. Los Angeles Rams – California QB Jared Goff  –  “A […]


Miss a little, miss a lot as Eagles get closer to Draftmas…

      Back on the Eagles Eye beat after a rare weekend away from following the sport of pro football, and although I tried to keep in contact with the comments of the Bored members here by using my smartphone, after about 12 miles out into the Bay the signal faltered. That’s still more access than I […]


Eagles 2016 Schedule Show still in progress…

    It’s amazing that the NFL can market a “schedule release” as a seasonal media event—but they’ve done it. Maybe it’s a good thing to get our obsessive/compulsive minds off the draft for a few hours or days and look down the road a bit. The Philadelphia Eagles have announced the team’s 2016-2017 schedule: […]


Eagles digest options after blockbuster trade…

      Regarding the blockbuster trade-up to #1 overall by the Rams, who are practically certain to use the pick to draft a “franchise quarterback”: The Eagles have 3 basic choices of reaction— 1.  Stay at No. 8 and see what happens—and take whomever they think is the best player on the board; 2. […]


3rd and long kinda day leading up to Eagles draft

Just one of those days where you really have to scurry to find something to bring to the news table. Dave Spadaro calls these his “cleaning out the notebook” days. While I was going over my MACH 10 draft challenge ballot today, I did a quick cross-reference check when I ran across this article by […]


Tommy Lawlor says we should calm down about EAGLES’ QB draft prospects…

I get it. Tommy Lawlor, the Anti-Kiper of all Philly draft gurus, is fed up with the system which rewards pre-draft assumptions made by amateurs masquerading as pro’s… Here’s Tommy on his soapbox at “The Eagles are showing a lot of interest in quarterback prospects for the upcoming draft. This is smart. It isn’t […]


Player movement on the Eagles DRAFTTEK board…

  Leave it to our resident analyst ~Broz (who also does his thing for Drafttek) to understand a movement when he sees one—I mean, a movement in a player’s perceived draft value as the Big Weekend of April 28-30 gets closer. First of all, let’s take a look at the latest changes in the Drafttek […]


There’s a new Eagles Wiz Kid at guard…

Phase one of the Eagles’ offseason workout program began on Monday. The voluntary offseason workout program is intended to provide training, teaching and physical conditioning for players. What exactly does “Phase one” mean? The first two weeks of the program feature activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only. The Eagles are allowed […]

1985 eagles

Putting the OH! in ‘N”oh”VA’ basketball championship— but it historically doesn’t transfer to Eagles osmosis…

Man, there were so many “Oh!” moments in Villanova’s NCAA Championship victory over North Carolina I may have to consult a speech therapist… In fact, I was speechless as I witnessed the Wildcats gutting out a final-seconds victory over the favored Tar Heels in front of an obviously NC-biased broadcast team on TNT and live […]