Eagles send Brizer on secret scouting trip to Hawaii…

And you thought our GateKeeper went to Hawaii for mere pleasure? Think again. GK Brizer was all about football business this past week as he scoured the Hawaiian islands for prospects. He gathered metrics on draft-eligible players who spent their college careers in our 50th state. Most of Brizer’s reports for the Eagles are classified […]


I was a secret fan of Kurt Coleman…

I wish I knew how to quit him…. But it’s all over now. Reserve safety and special teams ace Kurt Coleman is no longer an Eagles. Coleman has signed a 1-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings—probably for the league veteran minimum, but nevertheless a fresh start for the 5-11, 195-lb. athlete who was drafted by […]


Eagles need a contemporary Fight Song…and why I love Omar Kelly…

It’s time to get serious about choosing a modern “Fight Song” that Eagles Nation can relate to… “Fly Eagles Fly” is historically cute but it doesn’t have any teef in it anymore… (apologies to Don Pardo)… You look around the league, and we are desperately behind in modern stadium anthems… I guess Joe Banner didn’t […]


Eagles looking for the next Lito Sheppard in draft…

The upcoming 2014 NFL Draft reminds me a lot of the 2002 draft in the way it feels like it is shaping up. The Eagles, coming off a winning/playoff season, picked 26th that year. They selected cornerback Lito Sheppard in the 1st Round. A playmaker at corner…seems like a plausible pursuit in 2014, too. Sheppard […]


For my money, Sonny Jurgensen was better than Johnny Unitas…

I know this sounds like blasphemy, but I thought Sonny Jurgensen should have beaten out Johnny Unitas in the recent NFLN poll ranking the game’s greatest quarterbacks. This is not homerism either… as Jurgensen played the bulk of his career with the Washington Redskins. But Sonny was originally drafted and groomed by the Eagles. And […]


Kyle Fuller rising on Eagles’ mock charts…

Attention must be paid…. Kyle Fuller is suddenly popping up on Eagles’ 1st round radar… This is straight from Wikipedia: “A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Fuller attended Mount Saint Joseph High School. He recorded one interception his senior year, and played in the Maryland Crab Bowl,an all-star game, despite missing most of his season with […]


Scanning Eagles Nation for inspiration…

The first weekend in April is a time when you’ve got a chance to step back and look around, and appreciate the changes in the landscape which have been brewing. That idea applies to observing your Eagles and the NFL in general. It’s a time which may seem quiet right now but which is pregnant […]


The good news is Eagles plan to throw a Block Party…

Underneath all the current TMZ/Deadspin buzz about the Eagles wide receiver situation is the term “downfield blocking.” Apparently the Eagles coaching staff is quite serious about its emphasis on a receiver’s willingness and ability to block. Position coaches have their own terminology for different positional blocking techniques. So I thought it might be helpful to […]


Boom! Well there you have it…DeSean is a Redskins !!

Fait accompli… I guess this is “get-back” for the ‘Skins after we scored a draft pick off them in the Donovan McNabb trade. We knew it wouldn’t take long for DeSean Jackson to wind up on another roster—- but daggone it, did it have to be within the division? That’s entertainment. John Breech of CBSSports.com […]


Best of Brizer, Volume 2— Eagles’ smartest phan doesn’t back down…

Yes, GK Brizer is back from a short hiatus in which he was busy upgrading his technology. Most of you will remember Brizer as the Chairman of the Bored at the original PE.com “On The Inside” column going back to the Eagles’ Reid-McNabb Super Bowl appearance/contender era. Brizer was the voice of the Super-Fan in […]


Cheesesteaks trump filet mignon in Kelly’s Eagles offense…

It’s all becoming clear to me now… Although we might have preferred a slightly less snarky way of proving a point, Chip Kelly has definitively set the tone and the modus operandus for the Eagles’ offensive system as long as he is head coach in Philly. The key word here is “System”… $10 million might […]


“Wow, not even a 5th for him?”—DeSean Jackson is cut by Eagles…

That title is a direct quote from long-suffering Eagles fan “South Philly Ben”… And yes, you release a guy who caught sixty (60) first-down passes for you last season, and I might have to call “B.S.” on the Eagles top brass, too. In the words of Vince Lombardi: “What the hell is going on out […]


Johnny Football’s Pro Day…and ranking the Top 20 Eagles blogs…

By nearly all accounts Johnny Manziel blew it up in his Pro Day workout on Thursday. And oh yeah, Mark "Dirty" Sanchez is an Eagles… I headline these two QB events together because somehow their destinies are linked in a way we will not fully understand until after the Draft on May 8-10. Yes, I know, […]


What are your old Eagles football cards worth?

It's good for the soul to take a break from breaking news every now and then… Cleaning out my stacks of stuff, I stumbled upon my old collection of Topps football cards, mostly from the '60's through the '80's. I'm guessing a lot of you have similar collections, possibly inherited from your fathers or brothers. The […]