Merrill Reese is still the voice of the Eagles…

Last night I sat through a mesmerizing documentary on NFLN-TV about the incredible revenue-generating partnership between the NFL and TV networks. It’s a partnership that began in the late ’50’s and eventually spawned the media revenue-sharing bonanza for every team in the league today, including the Eagles. Amazingly, not every owner was down with it […]


I need to upgrade my Eagles gear…

Here we are with about three weeks to go before training camp, and I’m still sporting the same old gear I was wearing in 2008. It’s time for a makeover. My Eagles ball hat is torn and stained, and after numerous washings over the years it no longer fits my massive skull.  I mean, the […]


Summer class in session on Eagles football…

The July 4th weekend always reminds me how very close real live football begins to loom on the horizon. That’s when I try to brush up on some chalkboard stuff.  It’s always a challenge to keep up with the X’s and O’s.  Luckily, we have Bo Wulf at keeping us up to date with […]


Looking ahead, looking back, looking all around at Eagles in flux…

Eagles phans have had a lot of information to assimilate about the 2015 edition of the team so far. As usual the Livefyre commentary ranges from “Oh yeah!” to “Oh No!” with regard to the personnel moves and acquisitions. I thought I’d single out a few of the comments here made over the past two […]


Philadelphia Eagles Are Least Traveled Team in 2015 NFL Season

The Philadelphia Eagles have some hurdles to climb to get back into the NFC playoff picture. After a huge upheaval of the roster that saw the departures of starting quarterback Nick Foles, starting running back LeSean McCoy and others, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has to get a new group on the same page in […]


Eagles head coach Kelly: “We needed to rebuild the secondary”…

I guess we did have to rebuild the defensive secondary, although truth be told I was pretty darn content with Cary Williams at one corner. Quite frankly, the corners took a lot of heat over the past season because rotational help from the safety (I won’t name nates, I mean, names) was often late to […]


A weekend workout with Eagles’ receiver Jordan Matthews…

Ever wonder what your first-string receivers are doing to stay in shape on the last weekend in June? I was curious to know what level of activity the “speed/RAC guys” like Jordan Matthews are supposed to maintain while still four or five weeks away from training camp. It would seem to me (an amateur!) that […]


A revised look at the Eagles salary cap…

If you ask me, most of the Eagles players currently under contract are underpaid. I say that only because I see how so many guys on the roster are making the NFL minimum veteran money… and most without a pro-rated signing bonus to soften the blow… And this isn’t just an Eagles money thang— all […]


Looking back at 2010 Eagles minicamp is a trip…

If 2015 was supposed to be the culmination of Andy Reid’s 5-Year-Plan from back in 2010, we must have time-warped into another football galaxy. To say a lot has changed since then is putting it mildly. Right around this time of the summer in 2010, we were preparing for the Kevin Kolb era at QB […]


Coping with rookie frustration in Eagles camp…

One of the good reports coming out of Eagles minicamp is that Eagles 1st-round draft pick Nelson Agholor has so far avoided the somewhat typical phase of rookie frustration. Excuse me for saying “Whoa Nellie!” (I’m going to be the first to use that phrase every time Agholor makes a big catch or a big […]


Mandatory Eagles Minicamp Musings…

This edition of the EYE should be more about the longevity of the career of Eagles left tackle Jason Peters… he is still regarded after almost a decade of excellence and periodic bouts of fighting through injury as one of the best players and best left tackles in the NFL. But cut the music! NFLN’s Top […]


Welcome to the University of Philadelphia Eagles…

I finally get what Chip Kelly is trying to create here— it’s “The University of Philadelphia” in an NFL context… It took me a while to understand. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, either. We no longer look at players as trades or acquisitions… they are “transfers” from other programs. Kelly is attempting to […]


Don’t Shells the Eagles mandatory minicamp Shorts…

There’s a tendency to write off the 3 days of mandatory minicamp in mid-June as a mere weigh station leading up to the late July training camp proving ground. I know… it seems silly to get worked up over a bunch of guys running around in shells and shorts— unless of course, shells and shorts […]