Eagles go Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on Music City, 43-24…

It wasn’t a “Laffer”… it just looks like one. But the Eagles got off to a perfect start with a 107-yard TD return by Josh Huff, withstood some late 2nd-quarter and early 3rd-quarter scoring pressure from the Titans, and ended up blowing away the Titans, 43-24. I thought Mark Sanchez played very well at QB— […]


Titans challenge Eagles—Livefyre tailgate and in-game commentary…

Weather is not a factor in today’s early afternoon rumble with the Titans in Philadelphia…It is mild (50 degrees F., or 12 degrees C.), dry, sunny and calm. However, my “Brimidity” index is rising for this game— that’s the metric designed by GK Brizer which calibrates fan anxiety compared to fan entertainment. I’ve got a […]


Eagles offense needs to strike out the mighty Casey…

One big reason the Eagles want to get their running game going against the Titans on Sunday is defensive tackle Jurrell Casey. At 6-1, 305, now in his 4th year out of USC, Casey has emerged as “The Disrupter” in Tennessee’s pass rush. Casey is the equivalent of the “Gate Keeper” for the Titans. He […]


Looking ahead to the Eagles final four games

The Philadelphia Eagles have proven with a 7-3 start that they weren’t a fluke in 2013. Sitting atop the NFC East in a two-way tie with the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles are still in position to win the division and reach the playoffs for the second year in a row. Losing Nick Foles to a […]


Titans Defense comes to Philly with a nasty attitude…

It’s no secret that Ray Horton’s defensive unit of the Tennessee Titans is designed around a calculated gamble that it can bring enough pressure from different angles often enough to force mistakes by the opponent. On Sunday the Eagles will see it all— BLITZES from nickel, dime and base packages… MAN and ZONE coverages behind […]


Cary Williams challenges fellow Eagles to come up big against Titans…

I don’t view the Eagles’ Sunday home game against the Tennessee Titans as a lock… Sure, the Titans are 2-8 and their head coach Ken Whisenhunt is probably consulting psychics at this point… but they have been in a lot of games close until the end. Moreover, they have introduced a young QB named Zach […]


Eagles need to Turn the Page…

You get blown out by an opponent— it happens. Look at the movie “Gladiator”… how did that guy Maximus ever get a rematch with the weird Emperor one-on-one? You just hang tough and wait for the opportunity… Don’t let it get under your skin. The Eagles have a rare chance to re-evaluate mid-season after a […]


A wretched loss by Eagles to Packers, 53-20…

Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers is smiling tonight. He knew his own QB Aaron Rodgers would get his… he made sure Mark Sanchez and the Eagles offense would not get theirs. It turned into a complete victory by the Packers in all phases of the sport. The ultimate demise of the Eagles was their […]


Eagles phans crash Lambeau tailgate party—Birds look to upset Packers…

The grove and cleared lots outside Lambeau Stadium in Green Bay are known as “Tailgate Heaven”. But here is a chance for Iggles phans to crash that party. Pre-game and in-game commentary by the smartest Philly phans around can be found in the Livefyre Party-Crash comments section below. The news from the AccuScore mainframe computer […]


Eagles vs Packers tickets just 1% above average in Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers (6-3), winners of five of their last six games, will host the Philadelphia Eagles (7-2) in a pivotal NFC showdown. Green Bay is coming off a dominant 55-14 home victory on Sunday Night Football over the Chicago Bears. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for 315 yards and six touchdowns en-route to an […]


Rise of the Green Machine vs. Packers is imminent…

I solicited help in diagnosing some sort of layman’s understanding of how the Eagles can penetrate the magnetic shield of the Green Bay Packers’ currently dominant offense. What I got was a futuristic-style communication from one of our fringe posters, the self-styled Terminator himself, Bruzer 9.5, who I think in reality is a dentist in […]


Are you a bad Eagles phan if Aaron Rodgers is on your Fantasy team?

So you claim allegiance to the Eagles (7-2) this Sunday against the Packers (6-3) in the Battle of Green Bay. But you have Aaron Rodgers as your QB on your fantasy football team to boot. Time to “Discount Daaablecheck” your conscience… You can have your vanilla cake and eat it too, I guess. Maybe that […]


Panthers at Eagles MNF— Livefyre Tailgate Party…

Here we go again. Get your Livefyre Tailgate on! If you want to chime in on the pre-game and in-game Bored comments below, just go to and set up a free account. It only takes about 3 minutes…and it’s easy. We have a pre-game tradition here of consulting the AccuScore mainframe computer, which ran […]