Superb day to ponder Eagles improvements…

I thought I’d be touting the Sean McDermott version of strategic defensive positioning and flow today in the wake of a huge Carolina win… but in fact the Wade Phillips model for Denver’s defense stole the show. It was the top ranked Denver defense that can claim credit for the Broncos’ 24-10 victory after holding […]


Cheesy rumors and cheesy snacks for Festivus Maximus in Philly…

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the theme for my 2016 Super Bowl party— welp, it’s not really a party but just an open house invitation for anyone who wishes the Eagles were in the big game to stop by and commiserate. First the cheesy rumors: This is the latest Eagles gossip from NFL Rumors Roundup which […]


Where does Tom Donahoe fit now in Eagles front office?

I thought for sure we’d have a newly appointed V.P. of Football Personnel for the Eagles by now. I mean, the NFL Combine is only two weeks away. Free agency opens up on March 9. I’m not that concerned about Tom Donahoe, the former Steelers and Bills personnel advisor who was held over by Howie […]


The hits keep coming as Eagles re-sign Vinny Curry…

This is old news already (24 hours ago!) but the EYE likes to document these things for Eagles posterity— the Eagles agreed to a 5-year deal with defensive end Vinny Curry. It’s worth $23 million in guaranteed money. The total projected value is $47.25 million. Curry served as a reserve for the past three years, […]


Murray’s Law is the hope in Philly…

There’s a lot of talk about how Doug Pederson will rejuvenate the productivity of DeMarco Murray as a top-flight running back in the Eagles offense in 2016. You know the old Murphy’s Law—if it can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time? I’d like to coin the term “Murray’s Law”—if it […]


Eagles 2016 offseason moves look good so far…

Did you enjoy watching the Senior Bowl on NFLN/ESPN on Saturday? I sure did. It sure beat shoveling snow…er, chopping ice.  We will update the prospects who stood out in Mobile and yet are also in the draft range of the Eagles after a short break here. An interesting bit of information about the Senior […]


Scouting the Eagles Big Board with Doug Pederson and ~Broz…

First I’d like to mention that we cover the Toy Department of Life here, but real everyday life throws serious challenges at us from time to time. The members of our Bored of commentators must sometimes deal with heartbreaking events and painful issues which are not related to Eagles football. The good thing is we […]


Eagles biz continues as East coast digs out…

Old Woody is mad, but also glad the Eagles signed tight end Zach Ertz to a 5-year extension. Woody kicked up this dust from his Nevada ranch as Philly and surrounding areas dug out from a record blizzard: “You are OK with ‘no one’ in charge of the Eagles FO? No personnel guru giving qualified […]


Snow You! Football in a Philly blizzard can be fun…or not!

The mid-Atlantic region is being pounded by a winter storm. I’ve got two feet of snow on the ground and the 20 mph wind gusts are blowing it sideways. But due to excessive libations flowing in the neighborhood, several of my fellow idiot friends on the block decided to plow a section of the village […]


The Eagles beat goes on…drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain…

What do we have here to build upon? What do we need to add to build the perfect smokehouse? I like the player development of these younger guys: Eric Rowe, cornerback… he’s a keeper. He gets better the more he is tested. Walter Thurmond is not exactly young  at safety, but as a convert from […]


Coach Pederson deserves Eagles clarity on who has final say

Owner Jeff Lurie is on record as saying all Eagles personnel decisions would from now on be made via a “collaborative” process—that was the day after he fired Chip Kelly. But who has final say if two or more collaborators disagree? New head coach Doug Pederson deserves a clear answer to that question. He needs […]


Jim Schwartz could change the Eagles defense to an attacking 4-3…

Now it’s official—The Schwartz is with you! Jim Schwartz, the former Detroit Lions head coach, arrived in Philadelphia on Monday to talk with new head coach Doug Pederson. Schwartz had interviewed for defensive coordinator positions with the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars. Doug Pederson officially announced on Tuesday Schwartz is his defensive coordinator. The 49-year-old […]


Here we go ’round again, Eagles fans…

Back where we started three seasons ago…but with a new job, a new car, a new house, a new nose…Sorry to paraphrase an old Kinks song lyric there, but it seems like just yesterday we were going through the same makeover which is underway now. I’m still in a state of semi-shock that Chip Kelly […]


How does Howie continue to dominate the Eagles brand?

I don’t have a clue as to Howie Roseman’s resilience. No matter how badly he plays with others, he remains Jeff Lurie’s number one front office guy. Somehow, after all the drama of the past few seasons and some disappointing drafts,   Roseman is still in position to make the final call on draft picks […]


Uncle Giggles’ dilemma in Philly…

Recognition to Hudson Hawk, longtime poster here and at, and even longer-time friend of mine who resides in the Los Angeles market… yes, maybe I did generalize in characterizing the L.A. fan base as somewhat unreceptive to NFL football in general…in fact, there are thousands of passionate pro football fans in L.A. County who […]


Do the Dougie in Philly, I guess…

Pure speculation, to be sure—and I already jinxed Adam Gase off the jobsite… Before I get into this Doug Pederson sequence, I’d like to say a few words of condolence for long-time St. Louis football fans… Tuesday was a day for the business of officially kicking St. Louis fans twice in the teef, as the […]