Things looking up for Eagles in NFC East…

It’s good to be back in the NFC East race again. Even better, it appears the Eagles are taking on a lot more of their traditional profile as a tough defensive team. There are still some holes and wish lists to fill, but overall the 2015 Philly Eagles seem to be discovering their trademark. We’ll […]


Eagles overcome early Bradford boo-boo’s to dom Saints, 39-17…

The Eagles fought hard to get to 2-3 on Sunday—a foundation you can build upon… I loved the total team effort. It was far from perfect in some phases, but it was enough to say the Birds are back as a competitive NFL team. I can’t say enough about two things— how the Eagles offensive […]


Saints vs. Eagles Livefyre pre-game and in-game commentary…

The AccuScore mainframe computer ran 10,000 simulations of this one and the Eagles came out on top 52 percent of the time. The Eagles won 57 percent of the simulations in which they committed fewer turnovers. But be careful, the mainframe tells us: Drew Brees averaged 320 passing yards per sim, and when he put […]


Eagles need to dial up a complete game against Saints…

A lot of the speculative drama currently surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and Coach Kelly will dissipate this Sunday if the Birds go out and click in all three phases of the sport—offense, defense and special teams—for the entire duration of the game. That is a tall order for a team which has endured some injury […]


Eagles and Saints are weirdly similar teams heading into Week 5…

I was perusing the Saints website here on the Bloguin network known as The Saints Nation, which is written by an old colleague of mine named Andrew Juge. Andrew is a cool dude. He tells it like it is. Always has. But the funny thing is, as he described his Saints’ performance so far in […]


Eagles stay the course with Chip and prepare for the Saints…

One of the toughest things to do in pro sports (so I’m told) is to put a recent disappointing performance out of your head and focus on your next opponent. Chip Kelly should know this and thus I am surprised I didn’t get that clear of a commitment to amnesia in his press conference on […]


Stream of consciousness takes on Kelly’s Eagles…

Let me make it clear— I want Chip Kelly to succeed as head coach and general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. I never wanted him to fail. If you were grading the first quarter of this 2015 season, I would restrict the grading system to “Pass/Fail”… and so far, it’s an “F” for fail…but at […]


We’re a long way from home… Redskins 23, Eagles 20…

There’s just enough good stuff happening on Eagles offense and defense and special teams to keep me hanging on… but the timing of the good things is overwhelmed by the disco-jazz of the bad… And the timing of the offense to start off the game was wretched throughout the first half. This is not the […]


Eagles talking points in preparation for Redskins…

From Chip Kelly’s press conference this past Thursday: On safeties Jenkins and Thurmond: Chip Kelly said that the #Eagles “knew what they had with Jenkins and Thurmond in the slot. We wanted to expand other roles in preseason.” On explosive plays (or lack thereof!): “Two years ago we set an NFL record for explosive plays, […]


Eagles defense must carry this team— who knew?

I never thought I’d be saying this about the 2015 Eagles, but it looks to me right now like we have become a team which relies upon its defense to win games. Some of that statement is based upon circumstantial evidence, since the theoretically high-powered offense of the Eagles has yet to materialize. The Chip […]


Redskins revise their depth chart in hope of scalping the Eagles…

It’s almost always a grudge match with the Redskins, doesn’t matter much what the standings are… But here we are attempting to establish some kind of rhythm on offense and consistency on defense against a team which is built to defy both. Don’t believe the media slaves who say the Redskins suck— they do not. […]


Aftermath of a big Eagles win…Eric Rowe talks technique…

I really should be focusing on the Eagles’ next opponent— the Washington Redskins.  But I’d like to bask in the afterglow of the victory over the Jets just a little longer. First we will deal with the injury report as relayed by Chip Kelly in his presser on Monday after the Jets game: Riley Cooper: […]


It’s ALIVE !!! Eagles 24, New York Jets 17…

It was far from perfect — the offense sputtered and was sporadic, the defense got exposed in coverage near the end, but the Eagles did what they had to do to outlast the Jets, who seemed to have trouble anticipating the overall team effort they received from the Birds. Chip Kelly kept his offense conservative […]


Taking courage from a gambler’s preview of Eagles at Jets…

Most media and fans around the world are either predicting or betting the Jets will knock off the Eagles this Sunday. But I found a pretty reputable guy in the business of betting on such matters. He is Abe Gutierrez and is a regular handicapper for CBS affiliates. Abe explains in his own measured […]


Eagles trying to get healthy for Jets…

I’m getting so many conflicting reports on the severity of ILB Kiko Alonso’s left knee injury it’s crazy. A “sprained knee” some say, he’ll be okay in a week or two… others say Alonso and his physician are considering surgery. Then Chip Kelly makes it sound Wednesday like Alonso could be active against the Jets? […]

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Darren Sproles #43 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball during the second half against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome on September 14, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

How Protein Powder Affects Football Players

Athletes are always looking for ways to get in peak shape and gain an edge on their competition, especially football players. In order to stay in top shape, professional football players spend countless hours working out by lifting weights, doing cardio, and even working on strength and balance by doing activities such as yoga. Still, […]


J-E-T-S up next for Eagles…we really need this one!

They hit, they strip, they blitz, they’re winning! I wish I were writing those words about the Eagles’ first two games in 2015, but believe it or not I’m describing the New York Jets (2-0). The Jets somehow flipped the switch after their starting QB Geno Smith got his face punched in this past August. […]