Eagles survive Lions…Vick shines…and Detroit fans are bummed out

Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best goes over the top for his third touchdown to cut the Philadelphia Eagles lead to 35-24 in the fourth quarter. (JULIAN H. GONZALEZ / DFP)

It started out as a shoot-out…then became a laffer for the Birds…but in the end, the Lions made it closer than the Eagles would prefer. But a Win is a Win…and the Eagles will take it, 35-32, over the Lions.

Jahvid Best nearly stole the show…but Michael Vick acquitted himself so well in the courtroom of football, few will remember the great game of Best at Ford Field on Sunday.

Allow me to turn it over to guest columnist David Birkett of the Detroit Free Press for your post-game summary:

 “Vick had 321 yards of total offense and made enough plays with his feet to win his first start in almost four years, spoiling the Detroit Lions’ home-opener at Ford Field, 35-32…
LeSean McCoy added 120 yards rushing and three touchdowns for the Eagles, who scored 28 straight points after falling behind 17-7 in the second quarter…

Vick didn’t put up huge rushing numbers – just 40 yards on four carries – but he slipped out of several sacks during Philadelphia’s comeback…After (the Lions’) Jahvid Best took a screen pass 75 yards for a touchdown, Vick spun away from Chris Houston on a cornerback blitz to complete a 20-yard pass on third-and-9. Three plays later, he darted up field to run for a first down on third-and-10…
McCoy finished that drive with his first touchdown, a 14-yard run, and the Eagles took the lead for good on their next possession when Vick hit Jeremy Maclin with a 9-yard scoring pass just before halftime. The Eagles (1-1) began the drive at their own 11, but moved in chunks, none bigger than a 53-yard pass to DeSean Jackson.

Jahvid Best accounted for most of the Lions’ offense, catching nine passes for 154 yards and running for 78 yards and two touchdowns on 17 carries. He has five touchdowns in two games…Best scored on a 2-yard dive to cut the Eagles’ lead to 35-24 with 4:13 to play, and Calvin Johnson scored on a 19-yard pass and caught the two-point conversion with 1:50 left.

Randy Phillips recovered the ensuing on-side kick, but Shaun Hill threw four straight incompletions…
Hill, starting in place of the injured Matthew Stafford, completed 25 of 45 passes for 335 yards with two interceptions.

The Lions also turned the ball over on downs inside the Eagles’ 30-yard line early the fourth quarter when Best was stopped for no gain on fourth-and-1. They trailed 28-17 at the time, and passed on a 47-yard field-goal attempt…”

Okay, there you have it, the bitter nuts-and-bolts of the game from an obviously disappointed Detroit sportswriter.

But for a slightly more direct emotional reaction, here’s a sampling of Lions’ fan comments after the game:

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1980lion wrote:
This was not a typical Lions loss. They are showing signs of turning things around. Instead of just rolling over when the Eagles broke the game open with that long TD to go up by 18, they answered with their own scoring drive, somehow got a stop and then another TD. When Hansen (team MVP from 2000 to 2009) executes the perfect onside kick, game on… Ultimately, they lost for the same reasons all losing teams do:  inability to get off the field on 3rd down, to keep their QB clean, and to get short yardage needed to keep drives alive. Its going to take some time to replace the garbage from all of those drafts Millen wasted, but the last 2 have been better. They are becoming competitive and will win 4 games this year and 8 games next year. With the legacy of a decade of losing, Lions fans will have to see it to believe it, but they are building a nucleus of young talent. To keep it, they’re also going to have to see some results soon, or CJ will leave to play for a winner.
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Replying to me262:

Dude, go to the light. I’ve been “Lions free” since the Joey/Millen era. I care less about all sports every season that goes by. There’s so much more to life than living and dying by a bunch of strangers. Dad was a passionate Lions fan who passed 10 years ago. Not much would make me happier, but I think about how angry he used to get, and myself also after another stupid penalty or bumblicious fumble. One day I just stepped back and walked away. I still check on the score, or read the stats,but I know better now than to get sucked in only to witness another result like today or last week. Maybe one day they’ll win the Super Bowl, but I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I jumped off the short bus of Lions fans along time ago. Today was a beautiful day to do something outside, I’m glad I didn’t spend it in front of the T.V.

Wise man. You should have told me this before I shelled out $$$ for the NFL Ticket.. For “my” Lions!! Is there a pill one can take???

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Replying to jynx33:

Ahh, another crappy Sunday. Another kick in the nads by the Lions. Another Sunday eve where I wanna kick my dog, yell at my wife, send the kids to bed early, not chit-chat with my secretary tomorrow, and have a case of the a$$ all day Monday.

Another Monday where my eggs won’t taste right, and the radio station won’t play good music on my way to work. Another Monday commute on which I don’t let the other guy merge in front of me.

Another weekend where I burned 4 hours, with no reward or redeeming value.

My beer is flat and warm. The wife’s meatloaf sucked tonight. My chips are stale.

Why do I emotionally invest in this team? Heck, none of the players are even from Detroit … they don’t care, why do I?

Considering joining the group of “Lions Free” folks from a couple of years ago…


Oh man, you thought being an Eagles fan was a tough life decision?  This was a grim game for Detroit writers and Lions fans…and, ironically, a victory that raises more questions for the Eagles and their fans than answers.  What do we really have here in Philly in 2010 ?  Now what do we do? Is there really any question that Vick should start at QB next week? Of course there is…not in my mind, anyway, but in the minds of a million second-guessers who will be fighting it out on the talk-show airwaves and chat-rooms of Philly fan forums this week.

Jahvid Best nearly ran us out of Detroit! Watch MLB Omar Gaither take all the blame in Philly fans’ talk this week for what was obviously a systemic breakdown in the Eagles Defense.

DJax came up with a big game in Detroit, a game-breaking performance similar to what he did here against the Cardinals…

Thomas Jackson

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