Game Day Blizzard? Eagles say bring it on…

A nor’easter is forecast to dump blizzard conditions on the Philadelphia area tonight, threatening the possible potponement of the Vikings vs. Eagles game at 8:15 p.m. But the Eagles say play the game… possibly remembering that the Eagles won the 1948 NFL Championship Game (yesteryear’s equivalent of the Super Bowl) in blizzard conditions (photo above)…

The Eagles want to play in a blizzard…and why not? This current roster is built for December and January when the weather turns cold…not so much by design, but by the emergence of a running game that depends on a strong run-blocking offensive line, a quarterback that can run and cut on a dime, the presence of Jerome Harrison and the emergence of a full-fledged all-purpose tailback—LeSean McCoy.

As they wait for the NFL’s decision on the weather forecast’s impact on the proceedings, Philly fans will be busy scoreboard-watching two other key games on Sunday afternoon:

JETS at BEARS (1 p.m.)…  If the Jets can manage to beat the Bears (10-4), the Eagles can control their own destiny for an NFC first-round bye if they can go on to beat the Vikings.

GIANTS at PACKERS (4:15 p.m.)… If the Giants (9-5) lose to the Packers, the Eagles will clinch their first NFC East division title since 2006.

All in all, plenty of football and drama to keep Eagles fans busy during the long lead-up to the Blizzard Bowl…

We turn to the Gate Keeper of’s OnThe Inside fan forum—GK Brizer— for his studied opinion on whether the game should be played or postponed, given the nor’easter forecast:

“Bah Humbug,..knuckleheads!!!,..they won’t postpone unless the roof caves in, Roof!!….point is moof…..I’m ashamed of youse,..yur Philly,.act like men!…I gots 14 peeps headin’ here, 2 dogs, and a parakeet,… ham and chick marsala ready to go,…cheese and what not from da Italian market,..choc pecan pie,..EinStine…perk up…..turn this event into a precious memory…..turn a neg into a positive…sure this storm may muck up things a bit,…so what!!!!??…adapt,..overcome,..improvise….my snowblower works!,…Eyes ready…..down goes frazier!….carry on,…brisanta.”

Here’s Brizer in his deerskin snow gear, patiently waiting for guests…and the game…to arrive on time.

Meanwhile, here at Eagles Eye, we’re oiling up the snow shovels, all the while giving thanks for the miraculous season the Eagles have had so far. It’s amazing how rookies, 2nd- and 3rd-year guys keep stepping up this season. Antonio Dixon at DT, Moise Fokou and Jamar Chaney at LB, Nate Allen and now Kurt Coleman at free safety, Mike McGlynn at center…these are a few of my favorite things…

We’ll check back with you on the flip side of whatever happens Sunday night, blizzard notwithstanding!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday…

Thomas Jackson

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