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Open bar tonight courtesy of the smartest Phans in the Philly blogosphere… Thursday Night Football, December 1, 2011, 8:20 PM EST, the NFL Network and/or local feed TV…

The Eagles (4-7) were supposed to have the best defense in the NFL this season but as it sits right now, they are simply average. They are 16th against the pass (234.36 yards allowed per game) and 15th against the run (110.27 yards allowed per game). The Eagles are in the bottom third of the NFL in points allowed (21.22 points per game).

The Seattle Seahawks (4-7) were one quarter away from their third straight victory last week before a meltdown against the Redskins resulted in a heartbreaking loss. The Hawks played well but gave up 16 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. Yes, they were one quarter away from three straight wins! Seattle is showing some signs of promise however on both sides of the ball.

Marshawn Lynch had 111 yards on the ground and he added a 20-yard touchdown reception in last week’s loss. Lynch now has three 100+ yard games in his last four and he has scored a touchdown in seven straight.

Seattle’s defense will have its hands full tonight… But their strength matches up well with Philadelphia’s offense. Seattle’s run defense is 11th in the NFL – a good sign against an Eagles team that promises to feed LeSean McCoy. The pass defense is 21st and will be in charge of limiting, not stopping Vince Young’s effectiveness.

Seattle is a very good home team and they are headed in the right direction… Let’s hope we can say the same for the Eagles ASAP …

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