Scanning Eagles nation for any original stories…

Not easy finding new stories in the NFL or in Philadelphia these days that don’t have something to do with the labor stoppage, litigation or some type of mock draft.  There’s only so much you can do with any of those topics at this point. And let’s face it, the horrible aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan makes almost any football-related topic trivial under the current shadow of world events.

So I invite you to ease your Bird-brain just for a few minutes and enjoy a surfing scan of some original work by a few of my Eagles blog-brothers, who have actually come up with some nice original football articles in these difficult times.  Think of it as taking a mental vacation, yet one which will be a little less dangerous than Arnold’s in Total Recall

Dave Stoessel over at Eagles Addict has a beautiful piece on the great “Gang Green” teams of the late ’80’s and early ’90’s… His article titled “1990/1991 Philadelphia Eagles: Best Team To Never Win a Super Bowl” is a tasty piece of history with attention to detail and good writing. Nice work…

Cody Benjamin is the hardest working sportsblogger in show business over at He’s got an excellent scouting report piece featuring wide receiver prospect A.J. Green from Georgia. It’s part of Cody’s “Future Forty” series…the article is rich in scouting detail, far beyond  the typical “short version” we see in most sports blogs…

Over at Eagles Gab , Troy Ballard explores the question “Is Mike Kafka a Reliable Option Behind Michael Vick?”… It’s an interesting look at the possibility Kafka’s time may come sooner than later. I’d like to have seen even more analysis and opinion put into the piece, but it certainly makes one think about something different other than lawsuits and lockouts.

Finally for today, a trip to The Eagles Perch is recommended moreso to enjoy the down-home wisdom of a bunch of Philly guys who tell it like it is on a lot of football subjects. These fellows are Ben Zubak, who is not ashamed to say he could possibly be a great Eagles general manager, and he’ll tell you why; Alex Zubak (now living in San Diego);  Mike Daniels, who is the Opinion Page Editor of the Courier-Post in New Jersey; Victor Valles, a reporter known for his Eagles stoicism; and Adam Monacelli, a self-proclaimed lifetime Eagles fan “who believes Santa deserved it…” These guys are usually a fun read— occasionally I wish they would add a little extra inside grist to the mix… But overall, always an entertaining stop, with a treasure trove of archival stuff…

Ben Zubak of The Eagles Perch… in search of perfection as a G.M.!

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