Trade QB Kolb for 1st Round draft pick? Eagles should rethink this one…

When you think you can upgrade your team by trading Kevin Kolb for an unproven extra pick in the 1st Round…

…it’s wise to remember moments like this.

It’s the talk soup of the day in Philly…the Eagles have received at least one phone call offer from another team  that would include “the trade of backup/starter Kevin Kolb for a first-round draft pick,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Eagles president Joe Banner wouldn’t confirm the offer to the paper but he did say that a “more aggressive market” existed for Kolb than had been evident for Donovan McNabb when the team traded him to the Redskins last year.

“You can figure if there’s a quarterback that a number of teams are interested in, you’re going to end up with some meaningful compensation,” Banner said, according to the Inquirer.

The teams interested in the 26-year-old Kolb? “They are the teams people are guessing [they might be],” Banner said, the Inquirer notes. Teams that immediately jump out in my mind would be Arizona, Seattle, Minnesota and San Francisco.

Of course, no one can get traded to anyone anywhere right now with the old collective bargaining agreement expired and a lockout in place.

Which is probably a good thing…it gives us a chance to think this thing through a little better. By April 6th, the way may be paved for free agency and trade movement via court injunction, so we still have some time to look at this.

I feel Kevin Kolb is too valuable a player in the Eagles system to trade him for anything less than a Top 15 draft pick…there, I said it. If you want to gamble his future value to the Eagles in 2011 for a first round rookie prospect any lower than that, I think you’re making a very risky move.

It’s not that Kolb is that great as either a starter or a backup. But he’s good enough to be both…and with a mobile quarterback like Vick as QB#1 right now, and the constant high risk of injury to Vick, Kolb should feel no shame in being the backup one more season for the Eagles. In fact, Vick might get you to the playoffs, but there’s an extraordinarily large possibility that Kolb will end up starting for you in the playoffs.

Part of the bigger picture here is Kolb’s discontent right now. He feels at the soon-to-be age of 27 he should be starting every game in 2011…if not in Philly, then somewhere else. But with only a year to go on Vick’s franchise tag contract, I would advise one more year of patience for Kolb’s own best interest. After all, given Vick’s style of play, Kolb can rightly view the Eagles as having two starting quarterbacks on the roster. And if the Eagles are truly upgrading the rest of the team like I think they are doing, Kolb could easily miss out on one of the greatest rides of the Eagles in this decade…with his own value even higher at the end of 2011 than currently.

Business is business. No one wants to stifle Kolb’s career or his earnings, most of all Reid or Lurie…but they know the Eagles have a lot of money and time invested in him. He’s a valuable commodity to the Eagles right now…and if Starship 7 goes down, you can count on Kolb to at least know the system, and he can give you a 60-40 chance of a win every time out. That’s why I say the draft pick you want him to be traded for may not be sufficient compensation if it is anything lower than a 15.

Kolb knows this is a business, too…so he’s gotta know the chance of Vick getting disabled at some point in the next season is very high…and Kevin would get his starting shot with the Eagles again. He’s got to know that.  If logically thinking, he can’t be that eager to leave the Eagles right now…heck, he just bought a big house not far from Philly.

The Eagles also know that the likelihood of a 1st Round  BUST is also a factor. So, the Birds trade down, down, and further down, usually—hedging bets, lowering risks. It would be somewhat out of character for the Eagles to lose Kolb to a high risk gamble.

But if I’m Kevin Kolb, and I seriously gather my thoughts about what a good thing it could be for me to stay one more year in Philly, I’d be thinking about all the proposed upgrades coming to the team’s personnel and sytem/schemes in 2011. Listening to JB99, the esteemed former player and analyst over at On The Inside’s fan gallery, and his list of upgrades coming to the Eagles, would certainly make me think twice about wanting to play QB on a rebuilding team anywhere else this next season—

 ”How will we get better? C Mike McGlynn with a year under his belt is an upgrade. Right Guard will be an upgrade for sure. LT Jason Peters is just hitting his stride… upgrade. I would expect a better year from LG Todd Herremans as well… so… upgrade. Starship7 will certainly be much much better…. so that’s another upgrade.TE Brent Celek will have a better year and Clay Harbor will be ready to play. Two more upgrades. Jerome Harrison with another year is an upgrade. All our WR’s will be better. 5 more upgrades. FB will be upgraded. The whole DL will be upgraded with the new scheme*. Thats 9 more upgrades. SS will be upgraded. FS will be better with another year. CB will DEFINITELY be upgraded…. #55 (MLB Stew Bradley) healthy is a huuuuuge upgrade. LB Jamar Chaney is our first real WILL in 5 years. That’s another big upgrade. Also… there’s about 8 second-year guys that will make big jumps. In summary… there is not one spot that will not be upgraded… except b/u QB…”

And that’s the rub… Eagles don’t need to upgrade their backup QB. They’ve got Kolb.  Don’t trade him away..not yet. In some ways he’s the key piece in the total upgrade if the entire team gets better around him. Kevin Kolb, you don’t want to miss out on this ride, either.

* Definition of new DL scheme ”wide 9 technique”…///…New Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn is bringing to Philly his “wide-nine” philosophy for the Birds’ defensive ends. In this system, defensive ends line up “outside the parameters of the offensive line,” and utilize their speed as opposed to creative pass-rush moves to get to the quarterback. An explosive player who lacks a great pass-rush repertoire can flourish in Washburn’s scheme. Speed rusher Trent Cole is going to be dangerous in the new-look defense.

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