Brizer’s monkey wrench for the 2012 Eagles: the W-7 Crew… what does it mean?

For those who may not know, Brizer is the Simon Cowell of Philadelphia Eagles football… the Lord of Metric Assessment of all things Eagles… and the ultimate judge of all fan posts.  Brizer decides whether you’re going to Hollywood (and/or the Super Bowl) or not.

His latest publication of ratings has to do with a rather cryptic “W-7″ rating for several Eagles who are on the current active roster.

Brizer is an always tough judge but also fair in his player and fan poster ratings…

Brizer includes the “Swamp Stud”, 3rd-year WR and ST’er Riley Cooper, in his mysterious W-7 ratings group... 

I’m still not sure exactly what “W-7″ means…  I’m thinking it could be related to the IRS designation for a W-7 payroll category which means, essentially, you are an unauthorized immigrant receiving payment or loan money from an American bank.

Maybe it means W for “which way do we go from here?”…

Anyway, here are Brizer’s W-7 nominees for the 2012 Eagles:

“As promised,…my W7 list,..but,..of course, Vick is the straw that stirs the brew,..and is a given (8):

1) Cracker [ DE Brandon Graham]

2) Casey [LB Casey Matthews]

3) Cooper [WR Riley Cooper]

4) Clayton [OLB Keenan Clayton]

5) Clay [TE Clay Harbor]

6) Nate the Skates [S Nate Allen]

7) Laws [DT Trevor Laws]

Carry on,..knuckleheads”

What does it all mean? And Mike Vick is #8 on the W-7 parabola? Vick in the same discussion?—that kind of rules out anyone’s immediate job security on the line, doesn’t it?

Brizer is not prone to prattling on nonsensically, so I take this W-7 list seriously.

Until he threw Vick on the W-7 continuum, I was convinced Brizer was telling us about good players who needed to step up in 2012 to take leadership roles at their respective positions. But now I get the feeling he’s warning us about guys who are actively being offered around the league as trade bait for upcoming draft pick negotiations.

Leave it to Brizer. He never gives you the answers… only the focused and disciplined questions.

I’m at a loss to decipher Brizer’s W-7 grouping and its unified implication.

Meanwhile, I got somewhat of a “scoop” from Optimum Scouting at this very network which employs me.

Here’s a confidential look at the college athletes that have already received invitations to the NFL Scouting Combine.  Don’t tell anyone you saw it here, or they will have to kill me.

While the NFL Combine itself won’t publish the official list of the 2012 NFL Combine Invites until late January, check back here for all the latest invites, announcements, acceptance and declines throughout the NFL Combine rumor stages.

Juniors who have declared for the draft will find out their invite status on January 25th. 

So far it’s at 74 Total Prospects (14 Non-FBS Prospects) invited and committed to attending:


Chandler Harnish, QB, North Illinois (via Twitter)
BJ Coleman, QB, Chattanooga (via @mocsbeatctfp on Twitter) 
Patick Witt, QB, Yale (via @JoshHarveyScout on Twitter) 
Aaron Corp, QB, Richmond (via Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State (via the Idaho Statesman)

Running Backs
Marc Tyler, RB, USC (via Twitter)
Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee (via @TonyPauline on Twitter)
Alfred Morris, RB, Florida Atlantic (via FAUSports.com)
Brandon Bolden, RB, Ole Miss (via @TonyPauline on Twitter) 
Terrence Gannaway, RB, Baylor (via Twitter)
Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati (via Cincinnati.247Sports.com) 

Wide Receivers
LaVon Brazill, WR, Ohio (via Facebook)
Rishard Matthews, WR, Nevada (via Twitter)
Kashif Moore, WR, UConn (via Twitter)
Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State (via @JoshBDraft on Twitter)
Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa (Via Twitter) 
Gerrell Robinson, WR, Arizona State (via Twitter) 
Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame (via @BGI_WesMorgan on Twitter) 
BJ Cunningham, WR, Michigan State (via Twitter) 

Tight Ends

Emil Igwenagu, TE, UMass (via @TonyPauline on Twitter)
Evan Rodriguez, TE, Temple (via @FDuffyEagles on Twitter)
James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma (via Greg Powers of FoxSports.com/Scout.com)
Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri (via @Dave_Matter on Twitter)

Offensive Linemen
Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis (via @TonyPauline on Twitter)
Matt McCants, OT, UAB (via Damond Talbot @drocksthaparty)
Rishaw Johson, OG, California (PA) (via Damond Talbot @drocksthaparty)
Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota (via @KELOHolsen on Twitter)
Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State (via @JoshBDraft on Twitter) 
John Cullen, OT, Utah (via Twitter)
David Molk, OC, Michigan (via @KyleBogie)
Jeff Allen, OT, Illinois (via Twitter) 
Andrew Tiller, OG, Syracuse (via Twitter)
Desmond Wynn, OG, Rutgers (via Twitter)
Grant Garner, OC, Oklahoma State (via Twitter)
Taylor Dever, OT, Notre Dame (via @BGI_WesMorgan on Twitter) 
Johnny Troutman, OG, Penn State (via Twitter) 
Nate Potter, OG/OT, Boise State (via the Idaho Statesman)

Defensive Linemen

Vaughn Meatoga, DT, Hawaii (via Twitter)
Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall (via @ShawnZobel_DHQ on Twitter)
Andre Branch, DE, Clemson (via Twitter)
Justin Francis, DE, Rutgers (via Twitter) 
Dominique Hamilton, DT, Missouri (via @Dave_Matter on Twitter)
Jacquies Smith, DE, Missouri  (via @Dave_Matter on Twitter)
John Hughes, DT, Cincinnati (via Cincinnati.247Sports.com) 
Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati (via Cincinnati.247Sports.com) 

Brandon Marshall, LB, Nevada (via Twitter)
James Michael-Johnson, ILB, Nevada (via Twitter)
Darius Fleming, OLB, Notre Dame (via Twitter)
Sean Spence, ILB, Miami (FL) (via Another Prospect) 
Josh Kaddu, OLB, Oregon (via Twitter) 
Shawn Loiseau, ILB, Merrimack (via @TonyPauline on Twitter)

Defensive Backs                        

Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana (via Twitter)
Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State (via Twitter)
Corey White, S, Samford (via Twitter)
Christian Thompson, S, South Carolina State (via Damond Talbot @Drocksthaparty)
Robert Blanton, CB, Notre Dame (via Twitter)
Ryan Steed, CB, Furman (via Damond Talbot @Drocksthaparty)
Charles Brown, CB, North Carolina (via @ShawnZobel_DHQ on Twitter)
Josh Norman, CB, Costal Carolina (via JoshBDraft on Twitter)
Coty Sensabaugh, S, Clemson (via Twitter)
Robert Blanton, CB, Notre Dame (via Twitter)
Terrance Frederick, CB, Texas A&M (via Twitter)
Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia (via Twitter) 
Duke Ihenacho, S, San Jose State (via Twitter)
George Iioka, S, Boise State (via @TonyPauline on Twitter) 
Aaron Henry, S, Wisconsin (via Twitter)
Harrison Smith, S, Notre Dame (via @BGI_WesMorgan on Twitter)
Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State (via Twitter)
Jeremy Jones, CB, Wayne State (via Twitter)
Antonio Fenelus, CB, Wisconsin (via Twitter)
Brian Stahovich, P, San Diego State (via Twitter)   
Shawn Powell, P, Florida State (via @cdowler on Twitter)  
David Teggart, K, Connecticut (via his teammate @timwillman51 on Twitter)
Derek Dimke, K, Illinois (via Twitter)

And on that note, I think it’s only fair to attach GENETIC FREAK’s pre-Mach 10 Draft Wish List for the Eagles. The Freak (not to be confused with Vince McMahon’s “Genetic Jack-Hammer”) has made a case for the selection of that controversial linebacker Vontaze Burfict in the 1st Round…

1. LB Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State, Ht 6’3 Wt 250 – People might not like Burfict’s attitude but i think he has more upside than the other MLBs. Brings leadership, play-making ability, intimidating hard hits and he will be the identity this D has been searching for.

2a. DT Jared Crick, Nebraska, Ht 6’6 Wt 285 – Meant to get into the backfield. Good against the run and kill the QB. Will excel in Washburns Wide 9.

2b. LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma, Ht 6’2 Wt 232 – Another playmaking LB to play along side Burfict. Good leadership, good pass coverage ‘n sure tackler against the run.

3. WR/KR T.Y Hilton, Florida International, Ht 5’10 Wt 183 – This guy reminds of Percy Harvin. Play him in the slot ‘n good luck trying to cover him. Also brings that KR we all been dying for. Great value pick right here.

4a. CB Casey Hayward, Vanderbelt, Ht. 5-11 Wt. 188 – Not sure if he will fall this far but he would be a steal if he did. Be an upgrade playing in the nickel. Not only is he a ballhawk, but what sets him apart from the rest of the CBs is hes an aggresive tackler against the run.

4b. DE Julian Miller, West Virginia, Ht 6’4 Wt 268 – Underrated sack master. Will fight Tapp n Hunt for backup spot ‘n could be future starter with Graham. Another toy for Wasburn.

5. RB/WR/KR/PR Chris Rainey, Florida, Ht 5’9 Wt 178 – I originally had a big type back here, but Eagles had their fair share of big backs only for them to get the cut or try n play a run/pass option at the goal line. So i went with the Dexter McCluster clone. Big boost for special teams too.

6a. OT Mitchell Swartz, California, Ht 6’5 Wt 325 – Can play both tackles and possibly guard too.

6b. C Scott Wedige, Nothern Illinois, Ht 6’4 Wt 314 – Athletic enough for Mudds system ‘n can push Keice for spot or backup. Jamaal Jackson might not be here next year.

7. OT Jermarcus Hardrick, Nebraska, Ht 6’7 Wt 320 – King Dunlap might not be back so need a replacement. Good size ‘n feet. See what Mudd can do with him.

We encourage and develop new talent here at Eagles Eye. Thus GENETIC FREAK gets a shot. But I only wish he could have added some insight into the Brizer “W-7″ theorem.  What does it all mean? Are the “W-7″ guys the heroes, the villains or the victims?  Maybe a little of each?  Brizer is deep like that…

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