Football Training Gadgets— can they really build a better Eagle?

Every other year or so I like to look around for the latest in Football Training technology…

Probably the most innovative training device I’ve seen lately is the iPad, in its ability to totally transform the Playbook and Advance Film Scouting tools into easily accessible media… no more lugging around of 500-page transcripts or 16mm film projectors or VHS videotape libraries…

But you still need the brick-and-mortar training devices. Football is a physical sport. There’s no cybernetic cure for that undeniable fact.

So let’s take a tour of the currently hot training gadgets:

#1… the “Run-N-Chute” Speed Training Parachute….

The Run-N-Chute is a no-tangle aerodynamic speed-strength training parachute. The Run-N-Chute is ideal for the athlete who wants to gain that competitive speed edge. It’s designed to develop a faster start and enhance explosive speed and sprinting power. During training, the Run-N-Chute produces drag which increases with speed. The faster an athlete moves, the more drag it produces. The Run-N-Chute includes: One Run-N-Chute speed parachute, a webbed belt w/ quick release buckle and a training manual.

“The Run N Chute is the best resistance running instrument for speed development. This speed parachute will help you develop a faster start, and also improves the running mechanics that are necessary in running faster.”—Dr. E.J. “Doc” Crease – UCLA Strength Coach

#2…the ” Football Fumbler”…

The Football Fumbler is designed for beginner, advanced or professional football players. It teaches the athlete to grasp, control and be aware of the football. One athlete runs with the football while the other runs behind holding the nylon strap rip cord and attempts to dislodge the ball from his hands. This teaches ball awareness and control, which becomes a priority as the ball carrier fights to maintain possession while maintaining the forward motion. Comes complete with all necessary hardware and instructions.

#3…Strength-weighted training vest and shorts…


Build lower leg power, acceleration and endurance with the STRENGTH WEIGHTED VEST & SHORTS when training… Play in it, practice in it and train in it. The STRENGTH WEIGHTED VEST & SHORTS also comes with recommended training movements workout program. Includes 10 lbs of weight for the vest and 5 lbs for the shorts. Total maximum weight capacity: Vest = 30lbs. (except small it can only hold 25 lbs),  Shorts = 12lbs.

#4…Power Sled…


Develop the explosive leg drive required for an elite performance. Use the harness to target stride length and drive or use the handles to push the sled, developing a powerful hip and leg drive.

  • Push or pull sled.
  • Improve acceleration and leg drive

Sled made of strong welded steel. Assembly required. Color: Red. Sled dimensions: 37″L x 18″ W x 9″ H. Wt. 28 lbs.

#5… “Mastering the NFL Football Combine Training Video”…  [N.Y. Giants linebacker Dhani Jones getting ready to perform his 8th set of dynamic box squats with chains. He routinely completes 3 reps in under 2.9-seconds with this weight (365 lbs.). Now that’s explosive power!…and he learned the secret of this training technique from Joe DeFranco’s video…]


In the past two years alone, Joe DeFranco has trained over 500 top college and high school prospects… His training video is now required viewing for NFL strength and training coaches. Since 2010, DeFranco has accomplished the following:

  • 31 of Joe’s athletes have been drafted to the NFL;
  • Joe’s training techniques have been featured on HBO’s Inside the NFL, MSG, CNNSI and various local news channels;
  • Joe has personally trained NFL football players from 22 different teams;
  • Joe has been a training consultant to the New York Giants ;
  • Joe has co-authored 2 best-selling books on training athletes ;
  • Joe has lectured nationally on the topic of “Strength and flexibility training for enhanced sprinting speed”.
  • This contoversial and information-packed video is guaranteed to take your understanding of Combine training to a new level. This is truly the video that college and professional football scouts don’t want you to see. 

    JB99 and Brizer have both viewed this video. And now you know why they have been running off to the gym so much recently.

    Thomas Jackson

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