JB’s official Eagles dwaft wee-view, Genetic Freak’s prelim depth chart, and more…

Eagles announced their Training Camp dates for 2012 today:
ROOKIES, QB’s and INJURED PLAYERS report to Lehigh U. on Sunday, July 22
VETERANS report to Lehigh U. on Wednesday, July 25

But first…. Rookie Mini-camp at Novacare Complex, Saturday, May 12
Full Team Organized Activities at Novacare Complex May 22-24, May 30-June 1, and June 4-7
Full Team Mini-camp will be held June 12-14.

While pondering that upcoming schedule, I noticed Genetic Freak’s interesting post over at OTI/ He’s got his initial mock of the Final 53 Eagles depth chart:

Posted 5:18 pm EST May 3, 2012-
“Just for conversation heres my early depth chart..”

QB – 1. M. Vick 2. M. Kafka 3. N. Foles
FB – S. Havili
RB – 1. L. McCoy 2. C. Polk 3. D. Lewis
TE – 1. B. Celek 2. C. Harbor 3. C. Ford
WR – 1. D. Jackson 2. J. Maclin 3. J. Avant 4. M. McNutt 5. M. Gilyard
LT – 1. D. Bell 2. K. Dunlap
LG – 1. E. Mathis 2. B. Washington
C – 1. J. Kelce 2. M. Gibson
RG – 1. D. Watkins 2. D.J Jones
RT – 1. T. Herremans 2. D. Kelly
LDE – 1. J. Babin 2. B. Graham
DT – 1. C. Jenkins 2. M. Patterson 3. F. Cox 4. D. Landri 5. A. Dixon
RDE – 1. T. Cole 2. V. Curry 3. P. Hunt
LOLB – 1. M. Kendricks 2. A. Jordan
MLB – 1. D. Ryan 2. C. Matthews
ROLB – 1. J. Chaney 2. B. Rolle
CB – 1. N. Asomugha 2. D. Rodgers-Cromartie 3. B. Boykin 4. C. Marsh 5. C. Harris
FS – 1. N. Allen 2. P. Thomas 3. C. Anderson
SS – 1. J. Jarrett 2. K. Coleman
LS – J. Dorenbos
K – A. Henery
P – C. Henry

Thanks for the sneak peek, Genetic Freak. We can have some fun playing with your mock while I take a brief break here to grab JB’s dwaft wee-view post…

Seeing the actual schedule for Training Camp and OTA’s makes me feel good…and Genetic Freak’s “mock 53” is the shot in the arm I needed to realize the season is closer than I think…and that I am projecting Jeremy Maclin (#18, WR above) for a Pro Bowl year in 2012.

AND NOW— in case you missed it two nights ago— a reprise of the great JB’s annual wee-view of the Eagles draft… delivered by JB in full superhero costume as a tribute to his Hollywood buddies, the Wayans brothers…and also to plug “The Avengers” 3-D movie soon appearing in a theatre near you…


One of the bestest drafts I remember. Multiple picks where they just took the guy that was obvious… which is quite different from a normal Eagles draft.

1) Cox – The most affletic big man in the draft. Me old coach… Gene Chizik… used to say… “If you make plays in pop warner… you’ll make them in high school… and you’ll make them in college… and you’ll make them in the NFL… if you are in the right system.” This guy… is a perfect fit in this system. He’s Jason Jones X 10.

 2) Kendricks – Good chance to start. Not 100% sold he’s a good fit at OLB… but as I’ve stated… I believe Ryans is a one year tingy…. and so then Kendricks makes good sense at Mike in Bro’s home… Da Future. This guy pretty much has everything… outside of height. Watch a Cal game… ANY GAME…. and he’ll be all over the place.Me old coach Gene Chizik used to say….

 2b) Curry – How cool is it to have a huge Eagle fan as a player? AWESOMENESSESS!!!!!!!!1!1111!!!!!! Effort guy. Hugh Douglass clone. He and Graham make the best pair of b/u DE’s in the NFL…. bar none. Me old coach Gene Chizik used to say…..

 3) Foles – Eagles took who!?!!? Weird pick to just about everyone. But obviously they see something in the guy. Honestly… I have not seem him play much… didnt see the Gruden Camp with him. Just dont have any idear. That said… I believe you should take a mid round QB every other year… if tings fall right. We’ll see.

 4) Boykin – I’m a little worried about this pick. Most every Eagle fan wanted hti guy at this point… but I’m still skeptical. Positives: Great affletic ability… short height which is good(According to TGWBWJB99) in a CB…. knows the game as well as anyone….. can recognize… can return with the best of them. Negatives: TOO DAMN MANY CONCUSSSIONS!!!!11111!!!!!!11!!!!1!!! We’ll see if he can stay healthy…. and if so… good solid pick in the forf. Me old coach Gene Chizik used to say….

5) Kelly – Haha! I have no clue. Tall slob who obviously Mudd likes. Bit of a reach here… but this has Mudd written all over it. No name guy… that will be a 6 year NFL starter.

 6a) McNutt – One of my fav WR’s in the draft. Big can that can move. Dominated games. Hard to bring down. Love this pick.

 6b) Washington – One of my fav G’s in the draft. I really liked him two years ago… but never thought they’d take him because he’s not a Mudd type(white). I think this guy will make the team. Was an exceptional G… then was moved to LT when Sentreal Henderson was injured. Payed poorly out there last year… and was dminated by Coples in The U vs NC game. His coach lambasted him… he fired back… then ended up going pro too early. But this guy is my fav pick of this draft…. he can play.

 7)Brown – I personally think this guy will be IR’d… so he can get acclimated. Great pick in the 7th. Too me… this guy is better than Polk. Good KOR.

 Overall Draft Grade – A++!!!11!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1111!!!!!1
Only thing missing was Lavonte David and the P from Cal.

Round Overall Player
1 12 Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi St.
2 46 Mychal Kendricks, LB, California
2 59 Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall
3 88 Nick Foles, QB, Arizona
4 123 Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
5 153 Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue
6 194 Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa
6 200 Brandon Washington, G, Miami
7 229 Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas St

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