Brad Smith a nice pickup by Eagles…

Chip Kelly is churning the bottom of the roster again, and if Brad Smith has anything close to his prime-time talent still left in the tank, this could be a very nice move.

Smith was released off Injured Reserve by the Buffalo Bills a few days ago. He had thought he might be picked up by the Jets, the team that drafted him out of Missouri in the 4th Round way back in 2006. But the Eagles made an offer and now, assuming he has passed his physical, he's a new roster asset for the Chippah as a return specialist, a wide receiver and a sometimes-quarterback…Smith has averaged 25.7 yards on kickoff returns with four touchdowns during an eight-year career with the New York Jets and Bills. He has five career TDs receiving, four rushing and one passing. Smith injured his ribs in the final preseason game.

At 6-2 and 213, Smith brings some size as well as speed (4.46 time in the '40) to the depth at wideout, too. In fact, the guy he replaces on the roster is wide receiver B.J. Cunningham.

His biggest contribution if he is physically ready to go may be in the return game. At age 29 and coming off a rib injury, it may be asking a lot— and begs the question, if he still "has it", why did the Bills release him?

The answer to that question may partly lie in a salay-cap issue, as Smith was making $1.5 million— which may not sound like a lot, but it counted against the cap. Plus he'll be 30 years old on December 12th.

We'll get more into the Brad Smith story and other Eagles news a bit later on an update. First, I wanted to bring you the results of Week 10 in the BriSuksEgg Fantasy Football League:

Prime Beef (T-Boner) edged The Greatest PPW, 101- 98, despite 42 points for PPW from the Seattle D/ST…
The Bad Jews Bears (Benny) stole one away from the Dirty Stinkin' Bums (ATV), 149-143, as Benny got 49 big points out of Drew Brees…
The Severed Stones (Harry) got back in the win column, as they rolled away from the Amish Mafia (Dutch Rubb), 129- 77….Harry got 49 points from the Bengals D/ST…
The Barking Spiders (Spiffo) pulled off an upset against the Bri Slappers (JB-Sage-Lion), 113- 94, as Spiffo got a nice 33 points from the Eagles D/ST…
Filled With Rage (Jerky) put a pox on Bri's Gigantic Face (Broz), 138- 101, and 44 points from Peyton Manning didn't hurt Jerky's cause…
And the Great White Mooks (JHOP) plucked the Palm Feathers (Palmy), 146- 107, despite an ironic 49 points collected by Palmy courtesy of The 49ers D/ST…


Severed Stones                     6  4  0
Bad Jews Bears                     6  4  0
Barking Spiders                     5  5  0
The Greatest PPW                 4  6  0
Bri's Gigantic Face                4  6  0
Palm Feathers                       3  7  0

Great White Mooks                8  2  0
Filled With Rage                    7  3  0
Bri Slappers                          6  4  0
Amish Mafia                         5  5  0
Prime Beef                           4  6  0
Dirty Stinkin' Bums               2  8  0

I'll be back a little later with some update stuff….
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So after pondering the Brad Smith acquisition, I have come to the conclusion that Smith is here soley for the purpose of perking up special teams performance, especially in the kick return area.  He is to be considered a short-term low risk investment… and even if he doesn't pan out with specific individual achievements of his own, his mere presence should light a fire underneath some of the current roster incumbents at KR, PR and the extras at WR.

Perhaps more importantly, here are some injury updates on the guys that got beat up pretty bad in the Green Bay game:

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, defensive coordinator Bill Davis did not sound optimistic about either linebacker Mychal Kendricks or rookie safety Earl Wolff playing anytime soon after both players suffered knee injuries against the Packers.

"Earl is probably week-to-week," Davis said. "We wish it was day-to-day, but it's not."

If Wolff does miss time, the Eagles will have to insert Patrick Chung back into the starting lineup—or consider Kurt Coleman or Colt Anderson. Chung began the season as the starter, but saw Wolff take over the job when he went down with a shoulder injury. Chung was active against the Packers and played the rest of the game once Wolff went down.

Although Chung made it through this past weekend's game unharmed, he has struggled to stay on the field since the injury– which means there is a strong chance that either Kurt Coleman or Colt Anderson could play against Washington this weekend.

"I have great confidence in both," Davis said. [ I know, insert image of the politically correct word police here…]

As for Kendricks, it sounds like the linebacker has a shot to play this weekend. Davis called his injury day-to-day, and said if he can't go, Najee Goode will likely start in his place.

"I thought Goode had a real nice game," Davis said.

Goode came in and played the rest of the game against Green Bay after Kendricks went down after just two snaps. A 5th-round pick in the 2012 draft, Goode was signed prior to the start of the season after being released by Tampa Bay.

Goode was originally signed due to his strong special teams play, but with Kendricks down, it now looks like he could be starting. It is also possible that Jake Knott, who has been down with a hamstring injury, could see some time if he returns this weekend.

There is some bad news regarding a key lineman on the offensive side of the ball. All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters wasn’t at practice Tuesday, per the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, and this comes on the heels of what seemed to be a significant quadriceps injury on Sunday. Peters was immediately ruled out of the game early on, and it looks like the Eagles could lose Peters for a bit. That’s a major setback for the offense, because Peters is definitely one of the team’s most important players. As you saw on Sunday in Green Bay, particularly in the running game, Peters really gets things moving up front.

The good news is that Allen Barbre (6-4, 310) is capable of holding the LT position down at least until Peters is ruled healthy enough to come back to his position on a game day…

Bradley Fletcher is day-to-day at this point as he recovers from a severely bruised pectoral muscle. Chances are Fletcher will be ready to start at the left-side corner against the Redskins on Sunday… but don't be surprised if he starts and then gets hammered out of the game by a relapse of the pectoral paralysis.

All in all, a good self-study by Kelly and his staff… They have apparently developed a system by which you merely have to emotionally invest in your back-up guys (and an occasional pick-up from another program) in order to keep the whole thing together when adversity hits your starters…


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