Combine Anxiety—preliminary 7-round mock for Eagles…

Things are heating up at the Combine as we proceed to the physical drills. Nice international brew contest being conducted by our GK Brizer here as well. It feels like football season again.





One of the striking things about the Combine is the almost genteel atmosphere among the coaches and executives from competing teams. That feeling is caught in this AP image as Chip Kelly and Andy Reid greet each other warmly in the Indy Dome concourse:




However, just out of frame to the right is the skulking figure of Howie Roseman. To see him, you have to hit on this link from Jeff McLane's twitter feed:


That link is courtesy of DDD, who's lurking in the background here, too. Triple-D comments on the wide-frame photo: "Woody, you will get a kick out of this pic from the Combine—your boy Howie is ready to throw down!"

It's good to laugh. It breaks up the anxiety I'm feeling about finally putting together a MACH 10 winner. No better time to begin seriously studying Eagles 7-round draft prospects than now.

Past MACH 10 winners include M."Fanny" Harris (twice), Leo Pizzini, GK Brizer, The Great JB-Sage-Lion, and last year's champ Brozer.

It's right about Combine time when those previous winners seem to build their winning edge—and a lot of it has to do with their scouting the lesser-name guys who end up filling out the UDFA portion of the MACH 10.

So as a backdrop to the International Beer Contest sponsored by your GK, I will set out two appetizers—a couple of preliminary 7-round mock drafts from two of our home-team posters. The idea is to begin building a template to help us focus on certain players of interest who will be appearing on our TV screens this weekend. We can tweak the templates from there.

But caution: beware red herrings in the mock drafts below—as our featured posters are protecting their own MACH 10 championship aspirations.

First up— the Sage-Lion himself, former champ and all-star cottonmouth hunter, JB99 from Austin, Texas:



"First off…if you want to take the best player—that's G/T Chance Warmack…" And so JB-Sage-Lion revised the top 4 slots of his original Pre-MACHer thusly:

1) I was about to take Fisher… but if you are looking for a dominant 8 year player…

Pick: Warmack

2) Bennie Logan – my boy

3) Brandon Williams

4) (Trade up from our 4th rounder) Leon "They Call Him Bubba for Short" McFadden…Final analysis: BEST DRAFT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11! Dominated both fronts in the triangle."

But here was JB's original prelim mock:

"MOCKSKIDDLEY DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!1111!!1

1) OT Joeckel – Covers Peters and provides great depth

2) G/C Jon Cooper – Covers Kelce or Watkins and provides great depth

3 (from Chiefs – Foles trade) S JJ Wilcox – We need multiple S's.

3) OLB Jamie Collins – We need multiple OLB's… here's one.

4) NT Brandon Williams – I think Williams may be the best NT in this draft

5) ILB AJ Klein – We'll likely need multiple ILB upgrades.. here's one.

6) S Damion Stafford – Smart, tenacious with decent physical ability. CORNHUSKER!

7) OLB Quanterus Smith – 3 sacks vs Alabama last year. 3rd round grade but tore up knee as season ended. Will be out all of next season. Could be a steal for 2014."

Point-counterpoint— We now visit The Genetic Freak's reply to JB's 7-round prelim in the interest of fairness to the opposing beer party:




"Pre-FA and Combine draft…..

1. OT Joeckel/CB Millner (Our O-line is coming back from injuries and are getting up there in age. Can start straight away 'n take over Peters spot later on/CB's DRC 'n Aso could both be gone.)

2. S Cyprien/Reid/Thomas/Elam (In that order I would choose them.. One of them will be there but possibly none of them will be there later.. Our S play was bad real bad 'n one of these safties should be an upgrade.)

3. WR Rogers/TE Kelce/TE Escobar (WR– We all know by now who Rogers is 'n what he can bring/TE These 2 are the new breed of TEs.. Celek is solid but not much of a feared playmaker .)

4. CB Mcfadden/OT Armstead (CB If Mcfadden was couple inches taller he would be a 1st rounder for sure.. Could fall the same way as Wilson did coz of height.. Need CB starter 'n depth with the uncertainty our CB corps is in/ OT– Had my eye on Armstead for a bit but now people are catching on to him.. Gonna light up the combine for the O-linemen I can see.)

5. DT Montari Hughes (Solid run stopper 'n quick enough for that 1-gap too.)

6. DE/LB Michael Buchannon (Heres my darkhorse SAM.. Jordan is a freak no doubt but where his value is I'm not sure.. Buchannon is a better rusher than Jordan but has the athletic ability to handle short coverages which is all the SAM needs.)

7a. LB Mauti (Akeem is a FA.. We need depth 'n he could push for playing time.. And he's a ST ace.)

7b. S Ray Ray Armstrong/P Wing/WR Davis (S— Could be the Bryce Brown of this draft.. Has the measureables we Eagle fans want 'n can play ST/  P— Wing kid from OZ is gonna be one of the best in the biz I reckon/ WR– if Davis falls this far then i see him as a good development prospect.. But I think he's gonna kill the combine 'n shoot up the boards.)

Majority of these picks I would stick too.. Just depends on FA if some of those holes are filled…"

 Appetizers served!  Quaff up!!!


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