Eagles are in a New York state of mind…

This upcoming game at Met Life Stadium on Sunday is a litmus test of sorts for both the Eagles (1-3) under Chip Kelly and the Giants (0-4) under Tom Coughlin… The question to be decided for each team is this: "Are we innovating… or renovating…?"

How we even got to this point as divisional rivals may be best ascribed to the lackluster mid-to-late-round drafts of both teams as you look over the generational results of their past four mid-to-late-round drafts.

In my head, an NFL Draft generation is 4-5 years… (The London Fletcher's and the Ray Lewis's of the NFL are an obvious exception)…

Yet it is apparent that both the Eagles and the Giants have come up short since 2009 in drafting enough impact players… or even in signing undrafted gems in the rough.

So now together we reap what we have sown…

My friends over at are quite concerned about this upcoming game… They just got punked by Andy Reid's Chiefs, a 31-7 loss…  which equates nicely to the beatdown we just took in Denver.

Andy Furman is their lead writer. ..and he tells a sad tale of the Giants' recent ineptitude:

"Through almost 3 quarters of play, this game against Kansas City was essentially deadlocked, as the Chiefs made a long FG at the end of H1 and the Giants missed one.  And then the floodgates opened.  A special teams 89-yard punt return put KC up by 2 scores; recovering from that deficit was tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest.  The Giants defense crumbled in Q4 as a result of the time of possession advantage of KC and the rout was on.  New York is 0-4 and staring at a very long season."

"If the game was so close as the end of the 3rd quarter approached, why was the Giants defense worn down?  The answer is in a very telling stat that all readers of this blog know all too well: 3rd down conversions.  The Chiefs were 9-for-16.  The Giants were 1-for-14.  Fully 8 of those Giants 3rd downs were 3rd and 10 or longer.  And the root cause of this is lack of control of the offensive line.  Sure, Nicks dropped some balls and there were penalties etc.. But as much as we would like to follow the skill matchups, the game of football is still won and lost in the trenches.  And the Giants don't control the trenches. "

As Andy has told me, all you need to know is that the Giants are not getting to the opposing QB— and the opposing defense is getting to the Giants QB.  The Giants are near/at the bottom in both QB sacks and sacks allowed.  

While the NY Giants pass rush is not helping matters, the defense is not the reason why this team is losing.  The team on offense is still its own worst enemy, making too many mistakes.  The turnovers continue.  And the boob penalties are frustrating.  Randle makes a fantastic punt return of 43 yards to the 46 yard line.  Flag.  Illegal block.  Nicks makes a pretty nifty one-handed grab in Q3 to give the Giants a 20 yard pass play.  Flag. Holding on Beatty.  

I'd like to think in terms of team discipline the Eagles have an advantage over the Giants. But then I look back at the 8 penalties which cost us huge yardage in the Denver game. Neither the Eagles or the Giants are clean in this category.

A bunch of the Giants players are talking it up this week, saying that they will use this game against the Eagles as a springboard to finish 12-4…

Wow…are we really being relegated by public opinion to the NFC East basement already? That apparently is the current New York state of mind, at least among several of the Giants' players (most notably Antrel Rolle) and a bunch of Giants fan followers…

But the Giants have their logical and rational observers too… Here's Andy:

"I've witnessed this type of Giants football before.  It has some eerie similarities to the 1970s. That nightmare of offensive ineptitude returns.  Two hallmarks of the 1970s offense were that it (a) couldn't buy a 3rd down conversion to save its life, and (b) killed itself routinely with penalties. "

"Speaking of 3rd down conversions, here's one on Gilbride.  It's 3rd and 1 and you.. pitchout?  PITCHOUT????!!!!!!  Nooooo.  It takes seemingly forever for the RB to get back to the line of scrimmage, and he is met by a sea of red Chieves"…"

"Do not misunderstand the comparison to the 1970s Giants offense.  While both offenses are anemic, one lacked skill players and this offense has skills players.  It just cannot control the OL, and the result is that both can't move the sticks.  The 1970s were run-run-pass-kick.  2013 is pass-penalty-run-3rd & 16 draw/inept screen-kick. "

I know Giants fans know the Eagles' defense is nowhere as good as the Kansas City Chiefs' defense right now, so I am sure they are taking heart from that fact, and certainly are optimistic that both teams walk out of this one with equal 1-4 records.

But Andy Furman advised me that beating the Eagles would be less important than the Giants' being able to show that they can put together an offensive line performance that for once this season could protect Eli… and that their defensive pass rush could actually get to Vick, or any other QB in the league at this time.

"Hope will only commence when the Giants offensive line can protect Eli and run the ball enough so that other teams have to account for that.  Hope will only commence when the Giants defensive line can get to the opposing QB. " — Andy's final word…

BRISUKSEGG Fantasy Football Update….

Week 4 is in the books…

Bri's Gigantic Face (BROZ) crushed the Barking Spiders (SPIFFO), 138- 99…

The Bad Jews Bears (BENNY) outlasted the Palm Feathers (PALMY), 162- 157…

The Severed Stones (HARRY) undressed the Greatest PPW (PP), 118- 73…

The Amish Mafia (DUTCHY) mistreated the Bri Slappers (JB-SAGE-LION),  162 – 130…

The Great White Mooks (JHOP) took down Prime Beef (T-BONER), 115 – 95…

Filled With Rage (JERKY) steam-rolled the Dirty Stinkin' Bums (ATV, 158 – 108.

Here's your updated Standings—

The Severed Stones                 4 – 0 – 0
Bad Jews Bears                        3 – 1 – 0
The Greatest PPW                    2 – 2 – 0
Barking Spiders                        1 – 3 – 0
Palm Feathers                          1 – 3 – 0
Bri's Gigantic Face                   1 – 3 – 0

Bri Slappers                               3 -1 – 0
Great White Mooks                   3 – 1 – 0
Amish Mafia                               2 – 2 – 0
Filled With Rage                       2 – 2 – 0
Dirty Stinkin' Bums                   1 – 3 – 0
Prime Beef                                 1 – 3 – 0

To get the real flavor of the repartee among league members, treat yourself to a visit to


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