Eagles Defense still a Mystery Tour…and a tribute to our FF players…

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I watched the Ravens get shredded by Peyton Manning, Wes Welker and the Broncos during my own delay of access to the site. When I finally was able to get back on here I read back on all the comments of our Bored members who were able to analyze that game in real-time. One thought that seemed appropriate was the Ravens obviously discovered they've got problems in the back end of their defense. Their safety play was a mystery. Their pass rush was a non-factor in the end as Jughead just neutralized it when it counted most with quick-release fast-developing pass plays into the shallow waters of the Ravens' zone coverages.

There are some parallels in the Eagles' defense right now, too. New personnel in key coverage areas like safety and outside linebacker… a "rebuilding" defensive system…critical concerns about run-stopping consistency…a pass rush that becomes irrelevant when it cannot "contain" a smart quarterback.

Eagles' DC Bill Davis may be observing the same parallels we saw in what the Ravens are up against.

"I'm very anxious for the Redskins to show us who we are and where we are …  I don't know what's coming," said Davis at a news conference at the NovaCare Center in South Philadelphia. "The truth will be at the end of that game, we will know defensively how far along we are."

Given that the Birds have changed coaches, coordinators and schemes, plus a ton of personnel from last year heading into Monday night's opener at Washington, it's perhaps not surprising that precisely what the finished product will look like is a bit up in the air.

Davis said the Eagles learned key lessons in the preseason. "We learned in the New England game, we came out there to try to get ahead of ourselves and play above the technique and it hurt us," he said. "Hopefully we'll come out Monday night and play to the techniques that we have worked the whole offseason on."

Davis made it clear whatever happens Monday night is just a start for his unit. "This season has got to be about this defense getting to where everybody wants it to be," he said. "I don't know where along the scale we are, but wherever that is, that's the ground level, and we have got to take it a lot higher than it is, even if that's a great game against Washington."

Davis named 3 things— communication, the ability to adjust and "foundation technique"— as the keys to rapid improvement for the Eagles' defense. But he noted that no matter what, a new unit faces major challenges experience-wise.

"The Washington Redskins have had 16 games with every player playing together within the scheme. That's a huge advantage," he said. "You take the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, that's almost 20 years of a defensive scheme that's been employed and the players know it inside and out. We have to face (the Redskins' offense) using an overhauled defense with new techniques that we have just taught."

That's an offense with one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL in Robert Griffin III, one of the best combinations of speed and power in any running back in Alfred Morris and an array of game-breaking receivers.

"They were the No. 1 rushing offense in the NFL last season and were number one in the preseason," inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans said. "It will be a good test for us, right off the bat."

And it's a test Davis knows his unit needs. "No matter what I wish for or what I want, doesn't matter," he said. "The game will show us who we are."

Cue the magical mystery tour theme music…

Speaking of all things mysterious and fantastic, our esteemed Bored member T-Boner has provided all our fans with a link to the site which hosts our local BriSuksEgg FF League.


The Bri Slapper (Nads)

The BriSuksEgg FF league site is entertaining in its own right as you can follow along and enjoy the rulings of the Commish, JB-Sage-Lion, and observe the moves and comments made by the other team owners.

We update the league standings for you here on a weekly basis… but at the site referenced above, you can actually watch these guys battle for league supremacy on a daily (or hourly) basis.


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