Greetings from Pittsburgh…and Gocong gets a look…


Pittsburgh is a beautiful city now. It's not the smoky river town I remember as a kid. The traffic downtown, though, is a congested mess. Maybe that's partly because the Penguins had a playoff game at home last night. But it looks like a case of too many vehicles, not enough roadway.

The Steelers fans I talked with at Uncle Joe Pandl's viewing were quite aware of the Chip Kelly hiring by the Eagles. In fact, there was quite a buzz about it.

I'll keep this short because I'm on a Toshiba tablet. That's what she said…

Chris Gocong, the 6 foot 2 263 pound linebacker drafted in the third round in 2006 by the Eagles but traded 3 years ago to the Browns, is in Philly this weekend for a tryout.  Gocong sat out last year with an Achilles tendon  injury and was released by the Browns. But he had two productive seasons for Cleveland in 2010 and 2011 as a starter.

I'll add to this story after I get home later today from Pittsburgh.  Stay Frosty…






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