In it to win it?—or should Eagles play for next year?

It's a tough dilemma for Chip Kelly and owner Jeff Lurie, if you ask me…

You are hosting the 1-6 Giants in your own backyard (albeit no home-field advantage based upon recent history), your two most proven QB's are gimpy at best, and you are headed into a tough road schedule which includes Oakland and Green Bay before you take on Washington at home…and finally a Bye.

Do you play your relatively healthy QB #3 and hope for the best?—and I say "relatively", because Matt Barkley is still showing signs of a painful recovery from shoulder surgery on his throwing arm side.

Or do you buy into the possibility that a Mike Vick at 80% can get you the "W" and get you back into the NFC East race at 4-4… thus salvaging the possibility that you can somehow improve your way back into the NFC Eastern divisional title conversation?

So much of success in this sport depends on the quality of your quarterback's play. There seems to be no getting around it.

Yet the temptation to postpone the development of your QB future for a quick fix today in an effort to win now cannot be ignored when you have a veteran like Vick on the roster.

Michael Vick was working with the Eagles' first-team offense Tuesday for the first time since injuring his hamstring against the Giants two-plus weeks ago. Vick is expected to start on Sunday when the two teams meet again at Lincoln Financial Field.

Nick Foles looks unlikely to be ready for Sunday against the Giants. He did not practice on Tuesday and has not been cleared after suffering a concussion in the loss to the Cowboys.

"Mike will be out here taking first-team reps," offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said.

Vick had been a limited participant in practice the past two weeks except on Fridays, when the Eagles have a walkthrough. He was scheduled to do 11-on-11 drills with the starters on Tuesday for the first time since pulling up lame at MetLife Stadium.

Foles had been running with the first team the past two weeks. Regardless, it was expected that Vick would be healthy enough to play this week against the Giants. He was the emergency option two weeks ago in Tampa Bay before being inactive against the Cowboys.

Rookie Matt Barkley was working as the Eagles' backup Tuesday at practice. G.J. Kinne, signed earlier in the day to the practice squad, will run the scout team and serve as an emergency option in case Vick suffers a setback this week.

The Eagles' coaches continued to insist that their game plan would not be altered regardless of who was at quarterback.

“We put together a plan that fits all the quarterbacks," Shurmur said. "So it’s not like we are all the way over here with Nick playing or Matt playing, or all the way over there if Mike’s playing."

It's a tough call for a team that's at 3-4… But you've got to go with your veteran QB, if you ask me… The divisional race is still very much alive. Live for today. Or at least for the Bye week.


PRIME BEEF (T-Boner)  stomped the Barking Spiders (Spiffo),  120 – 111…

The Greatest PPW upset the BRI Slappers (JB99), 112- 97…

The Dirty Stinkin' Bums (ATV) tip-toed by the Severed Stones (Harry), 89 – 88… [Robert Griffin III had 33 points in that one for ATV]…

Palm Feathers upset Filled With Rage (Jerky), 131- 120..

The BAD JEWS BEARS (Ben) crushed the Amish Mafia (Dutchie), 139 – 121, behind 42 points accrued to Andy Dalton…

And in the game of the week, the Great White Mooks (J-Hop) disfigured Bri's Gigantic Face (Broz), 149- 146, mainly on the basis of Matt Stafford's 41 points…

Here are the Week 7 Standings:

Severed Stones                        5   2   0
Bad Jews Bears                       4   3   0
The Greatest PPW                   4  3   0
Barking Spiders                        3  4   0
Bri's Gigantic Face                   3  4  0
Palm Feathers                          2  5  0

Great White Mooks                  5  2  0
Bri Slappers                              4  3  0
Filled With Rage                      4  3  0
Amish Mafia                              3  4  0
Prime Beef                                3  4  0
Dirty Stinkin' Bums                    2  5  0


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