Nunn finer an international Pheagles fan than Phil o’ Kent…

Phil Nunn manages our international fan base office in Kent, England… How wonderful to have his enthusiasm for all things Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and 76ers so prevalent in what is for many of us our motherland…


There's Phil with his strapping young son, somewhat in awe (or confused) by Dad's Philly sports addiction… But I assure you the younger Nunn will weather the athletic storm in his life induced by his ruggedly handsome father.

What Phil knows is we are all brothers (and sisters) when it comes to backing our phickle teams…. Yet still so nice to appreciate the phan support we are getting from Phil Nunn. He is a very special young man… And he deserves another brave go at a Lombardi…


Even Phil Nunn might chuckle at the playlist of "practice music" from yesterday's Eagles OTA workout:

Here’s the list of tunes and rhymes played during Tuesday’s Eagles practice at NovaCare:

Big Tymers – Still Fly

Flo Rida – Good Feeling

Lupe Fiasco – Show goes on

Havana Brown – We run the night

Kanye West – All of the lights

Drake – Ready for you

The Doop Song – Flyers and Union goal anthem

Icona Pop – I love it

David Guetta ft. NeYo – Play Hard

The practice fittingly ended – as the team gets as close to live scrimmaging as possible with no pads — with a compilation of what seemed to be off the soundtrack from "Braveheart"— oh dear, that will not sit well with Phil Nunn!







Kelly leads practice yesterday in the rain at NovaCare… and I'm kinda wondering why he doesn't mix in some sounds from power bands like Cream, Hendrix or Bad Company? You know, bands that actually had songs about rain?

Rob Edwards of the South Jersey Times had his eyes on the quarterbacks the entire rain-soaked practice…

"There were 21 periods at Tuesday’s rain-soaked Philadelphia Eagles practice.

"I counted twice as many songs being boomed through the large subwoofers at the NovaCare Complex.

"Practice was short and sweet. The quarterbacks threw, running backs ran, linemen blocked.

"Not exactly the circus I had prepared myself for.

"My line of sight stayed with the quarterbacks Tuesday, hoping I’d be able to pick up on any potential order heading into the rest of the summer."










"It’s all wet,” rookie QB Matt Barkley said. “Everything was wet.”

That pretty much summed it up. Rain and quarterback efficiency doesn’t go together.

Rob Edwards' diary…

"Michael Vick and Nick Foles both split time with the first-team, but it was evident that Vick had the better day, if for no other reason than he didn’t take the risks Foles did throwing the ball.

"Foles attempted the first deep ball of the afternoon Period 8. Incomplete.

"Over the middle in Period 10, almost picked off.

"Foles went for the home run again in Period 14, but couldn’t connect. During Period 20 and 21 — the offense runs a four-down set to get 10 yards — Foles couldn’t convert on a third-and-one attempt.

"In Period 21, Foles hit an open WR — not looking in his direction — in the back of the leg.

"Vick looked comfortable within the offense, making quick decisions, a few of which were to run out of bounds without a receiving option. Barkley didn’t throw the ball too well either, but he was the only one of the three to, at least that I saw, run the option, once in Period 8 and again in Period 20.

"Educated guess after one practice says Vick is the starter.

"Foles may have thought so too.

"At the very least he didn’t seem too impressed with his body of work either. He scurried to the adjacent practice field after the final horn and ran a few sprints before disappearing through a door where no media members were waiting. He later made a quick exit through the NovaCare Complex after passing by the group of media interviewing his teammates.

"It’s just one practice. Just what I saw.

"There weren’t any spectacular offensive designs or formations, and there probably shouldn’t have been. There’s likely not even a full playbook in place yet, let alone one designed around any of the potential quarterback options.

"Veteran wide receiver Jason Avant weighed in on the Eagles QB situation, saying about as much as any player on the inside would.

“I don’t even realize who is throwing the ball to me half the time,” Avant laughed. “I just see the red jersey. I don’t think about it. That’s up to the coaches. Our job is to make the guy in there playing be the best quarterback out there.

“Whoever is throwing me the ball, tell him to throw it to me more often and I’ll help him out.”

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