That “other QB from Arizona” on Eagles radar…

There have been hints of interest in Matt Scott by some members of the Bored here, but no wellspring of demand. But then he turns up on Tommy Lawlor's Mock 1.0… And now Matt Scott has agreed to work out for the Eagles.











According to a report from Daniel Berk of the Arizona Daily Star, the Eagles will be meeting with Arizona quarterback Matt Scott next week. Scott, 6-2, 213 lb, will also be working out for the Eagles later in the month, according to the report.

If you've followed his career at Arizona, you could see why Scott might pique the interest of Chip Kelly. Scott threw for 3,620 yards and 27 touchdowns- to go along with 14 interceptions- last season. He was also a threat with his legs, adding 506 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns. Scott backed up his athleticism at the NFL Combine when he ran a 4.69 40-yard dash.

One key asset Scott has is a quick release, something that Kelly has been clear any quarterback working in his system has to have.

As Eliot Shorr-Parks of the New Jersey Times observes, "It is unlikely the Eagles view Scott as someone who could come in and start right away for them next year, but he fits the bill as a player who posses the tools to come in and learn under Kelly while another quarterback starts."

Scott is projected to go as late as the 5th round, meaning the Eagles wouldn't have to use one of their top picks on him like they would for a Geno Smith of West Virginia or E.J. Manuel of Florida State.

Throw in the fact that Scott has some read-option experience, and his name starts to make more and more sense as a player the Eagles could take come April.
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Big Red strikes again— he has lured one of the Eagles' top college scouts to Kansas City.





Brett Veach, a scout who handled the SEC for the Eagles, is reportedly on his way to work for Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

According to Geoff Mosher of Comcast Sports Net, Veach is leaving the Eagles just weeks before the draft to rejoin Reid. The University of Delaware graduate first joined the Eagles in 2007 as an assistant to Reid. After spending three seasons in that role, Veach moved to the player personnel department as a college scout.

"Brett Veach has shown a keen eye for talent evaluation," Howie Roseman says of Veach on the team's official website.

A member of the scouting department leaving his team this late in the draft process is not unheard of, but it certainly is not usual.

I guess Veach didn't get my personal request for professional training.
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Food for thought from BirdFlipper, one of my fave new posters from the Wall-Dome:




"I'm bothered about the whole Asomugha/DRC thing. We somehow signed TWO Pro Bowl CB's and NEITHER man could play? I don't buy that and neither does anybody with a double digit IQ. "

"I'm not looking forward to…one more example of how the Eagles have an absurd inability to manage talent. What kind of team invests so heavily in Defensive players (both CB's, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin) and then turns the unit over to to an Offensive Line coach, and THEN blames the players!?"

BirdFlipper punches and asks questions later, but I like how he challenges media assumptions that DRC and Aso are terrible and "disappointing". Too often we as fans condemn a player based on a breakdown which may have more to do with the coverages being called that day for the entire unit.

Lack of effort is one thing. Taking plays off is a no-no. But did DRC or Aso really and suddenly decline in their abilities of coverage and pursuit? Or was something else much bigger of a factor? BirdFlipper gives me pause to reflect.


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