Troubling training camp so far in Philly…

The train is moving so fast I'm having trouble keeping up…

Another player lost to an ACL injury— this time veteran linebacker Jason Phillips, who was expected to make the team but also to excel on special teams coverage units.

 That's a troubling loss, and mostly because the guys haven't even begun tackling to the ground yet.

Brizer was certainly on the money when he stated weeks ago that injuries and serendipity are major forces in the shaping of an NFL roster. They are forces which are difficult to scout or predict.

The Eagles announced on Monday that they have signed Travis Long to the 90-man roster. Long, a 6-4, 245 lb. outside linebacker from Washington State, comes to the Eagles after going undrafted due to a torn ACL of his own.

Long tore his ACL in November, which means he is 10 months removed from an injury that usually takes 9-12 months to heal. Teams were concerned enough about his health to pass on him during the draft in April.

Long racked up 9.5 sacks and one interception in just 11 games last season at Washington State to go along with 42 tackles. In four seasons, Long racked up 20.5 sacks and 141 tackles. He is considered a decent athlete, but his biggest attribute according to the scouts are his natural instincts on the field.

It's a good move to bring Long in for a look. He has experience playing in a 3-4 system. But (and I can't resist the pun)– he's a long shot to make the roster.

Jason Phillips tore up his right knee during Monday’s practice. Phillips signed with the Eagles back in March, having had stints with both the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers.

The team also announced that cornerback Brandon Hughes left practice Monday with a hamstring injury.

Maybe a little less troubling than serious injuries are the reports coming out of camp that the Red Zone offense drills run yesterday were "sloppy".

But I kinda expect "sloppy" right now since they're still mixing and matching players at random. They're also running plays which are brand new to a lot of these guys. And guys are rotating in after every two reps.

They're actually running "fade" drills to the back corner of the end zone. We didn't see too much of that with Big Red.

Aside from a botched snap and maybe a missed read down there, Matt Barkley was reportedly the coolest cat in the Red Zone drills. The guy shows guts and a nice touch on those back shoulder throws.

On to the next practice.

P.S. All I have to say about the Eagles HOF honors awarded to Donovan McNabb: If he gets booed on national TV at the induction ceremony at the Linc, I will lower my head in shame…


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