Chip Kelly just wants to find “the right fits” for Eagles…

Big name signings? No big whoop… What the Chippah is looking for is "the fit" in his free agent search….

(That's Chip in his playing days in the photo, by the way… he played quarterback at Manchester Central High School , New Hampshire, and later defensive back at the University of New Hampshire…)

Kelly spoke to reporters this weekend after receiving the Maxwell Football Club's Earle "Greasy" Neale Award as the professional coach of the year.

Kelly talked about finding the right fits for the Eagles' offensive and defensive schemes instead of going after big-money players.

"I don't think price tag has ever been an issue," Kelly said, according to the Wilmington News Journal. "That's not how we talk about things. It's who fits in terms of what we do on either side of the ball, and where do they fit special-teams wise."

For a full account of the interview, go here.

(We keep this Sunday feature short so that we have plenty of space to add breaking news which  may be coming our way later today… I've got a feeling….)

Stay tuned…and frosty…

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Waiting for the next shoe to fall in free agency on a Sunday is like standing around with friends on a street corner, just a-smokin' and jokin'….

But what better time to announce the start of the 8th Annual "MACH 10" DRAFT CHALLENGE for Eagles phans…

The NFL Draft has been moved back to May 8-10 this year, so your ballot post may be submitted here in the Comments section between now and 11:59 P.M. EST the night of May 7th…

The EYE will harvest all ballot posts and time-stamp them.  GK Brizer will be the judge who decides the winner in event of a close finish or a dispute.

As usual, the idea is to predict as many draft-eligible rookies you feel will end up on the Eagles roster going into Training Camp. Order of pick or signing does not matter…

THIS YEAR THERE'S A TWIST !!  You get a Bonus Pick !!!

Perhaps due to the longer contest period this year, or maybe in the spirit of an increased salary cap, GK Brizer (who owns the rights to the official MACH 10 CHALLENGE), has declared this year's race as a "MACH 10 + 1" affair…

That's right, you can add an 11th name to your MACH 10 ballot post…..As I understand it, this bonus pick carries no less weight than your first 10 picks.  I'm sure Brizer will amplify that matter if any questions arise.

Remember, even if some of your guys go undrafted, they can still be signed by the Eagles as a free agent after the draft— and that still counts as a hit on your ballot.

All phans are invited to enter—you don't have to be a regular visitor here, you just have to post your entry here.

It is simply the most difficult and greatest challenge in Philly sports today…


2013…..Don Pardo
2011…..The Great JB99-Sage-Lion
2010…..GK Brizer
2009…..M. "Fanny" Harris
2008…..Leo Pizzini
2007…..M. "Fanny" Harris

It's usually advised to wait until free agency period has almost completely calmed down before submitting your MACH 10 + 1 ballot.  But remember, in the event of a tie number of hit picks, the ballot with the earliest time-stamp will win…

Now….for me, back to smokin'-and-jokin', waiting for a late Sunday night "big" announcement from the Eagles….

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