Philadelphia Dreamin’ with Malcolm Jenkins and ATV…

If you don't (or can't) sign Jairus Byrd or T.J. Ward as the Eagles' free agent upgrade at safety, would you be okay with Malcolm Jenkins?

According to Tommy Lawlor (whom I like—when he's not stirring up "trade DJax!" rumors), Jenkins could be your guy.

"Malcolm Jenkins of the Saints might be the best fit of any free agent safety. He is a very versatile player who could really help the Eagles. Jenkins can play in the box or back deep. He played in the slot on a regular basis for the Saints. They even used him at outside corner on occasion. Davis likes versatile defensive backs that he can move around. The argument against Jenkins is that he's not great at anything. He can do anything you want, but he's not an impact player or special in any way. One other reason the Eagles could like him is cost. I think Jenkins is more of a mid-level target."

Jenkins was drafted by the New Orleans Saints with the 14th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

He played college football for Ohio State University, earned All-American honors, and was recognized as the top college defensive back in the nation.

Jenkins was drafted as a cornerback, but was moved to safety in the 2010 season.

Perhaps he is best known for a big play he made on a Thanksgiving Day game in 2010.

In the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys, Jenkins came from behind to strip the ball from Cowboys receiver Roy Williams. The Saints were losing at that point of the game, but came back to win the game, 30-27. Saints coach Sean Payton said Jenkins performed "one of those plays that inspires everybody on the team". Jenkins was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance.

I like Jenkins because he is smart.  He's not gifted with great speed, but he makes up for that with a cerebral approach to coverage.

At 6-0 and 205, he's also a physical player who can tackle well.

Solid but not spectacular— and affordable— maybe that's the ticket for improving the back end of the Eagles defense.

Still relatively young at age 26, Jenkins could prove to be the durable "anchor" the Eagles are looking for as a leader and communicator in their defensive backfield.

Meanwhile, our own anchorman and in-house version of Ron Burgundy has been stirring things up around town with his proposal to sign another ex-Saint—tight end Jimmy Graham.

I'm referring to ATV (Chris Ruggiero) who mans our Henderson/Las Vegas affiliate station.

ATV is a "Why Not?" kinda guy, and this time he celebrates the free spirit of the offseason by asking "Why not Jimmy Graham?" in an Eagles uniform….

ATV's 116th Dream re. Jimmy Graham goes like this:

Fresh off the presses… ATV dream 116… Sign Jimmy Graham to an offer sheet.

Let's take a look-see at the particulars, shall we? The Iggles would have to surrender their first round picks the next two years to N.O…

1. Draft spot 22 isn't much better than a 2nd round pick.

2. In theory, with Graham da Iggles shouldn't pick higher than 22 in 2015 either.

3. We have the cap space to sign him as a hybrid TE/WR at around $10 mil a year.

4. Methinks we could free up some cap space with either cutting Celek (whom I like) and/or Casey. But if not, NBW, we still have room.

5. Teamed up with Ertz, that is matchup nightmares all over the place.

6. Foles to Graham in redzone??? Faagedaboudit!!

7. Chip loves the two TE set with DJax on the outside.

8. Graham is a capable and willing run blocker.

"This is doable, and would make the Iggles a serious contender IMO. No doubt the odds in Vegas would plummet if they signed Jimmy.

"Soooooooo… Whoswiffme? (Besides Hammy?)  "

Sure, it's a big dream, and it's out there… but if you can't dream for your home town team during free agent signing season, you're not really living life to its fullest.

I know, I don't like the thought of giving up a first round pick (or two) to New Orleans, either.  But ATV addresses that concern, too:

"Seriously though… 15 years from now, if Graham continues down a HOF path and is regarded as the best TE to ever play, and you could have had him for two late first round picks (whose value equates to barely higher than a couple 2nd round picks)… And you passed… Wouldn't you be somewhat upset at that? "

"Shouldn't that alone give you serious pause to at least give the option more thought than a flat "no", or "it's dumb", or "but hey Celek is a decent blocker"????

Especially when the financial aspect is more than doable. IMO Graham is not your everyday FA… very infrequently does a guy who's the best at his position become available. I'm sure Howie knows this, and is running models to see how it would play out. "

"Likely to happen? No… But deserves more thought than a flat rejection IMO."

I like to be in America… better to dream in America…


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