Spotlight on T.J. Ward, Wilson (Brozer) Pickett and the Free Agent market for Eagles…

Brozer (from Virginia) as many of you know is a creative and cherished Eagles poster here and at PE.com for many a year… and he won "Wilson Pickett" status two years ago when he claimed his first MACH 10 challenge trophy in 2012.

Yesterday Brozer challenged me to get off my "filler material" offseason joyride and get into some serious Free Agent discussion, particularly aimed at Cleveland safety T.J. Ward.

You know, I usually don't like to speculate about Free Agent signings, since there are so many variables and factors about FA movement from one team to another that it is impossible to know the truth about what's really happening…and often the guy you think is ready to move on ends up signing with his old team.

But Brozer speaks, and I listen.

Brozer is pretty good at "picking" guys in the Draft and in Free Agency.

Brozer and the real Wilson Pickett have some things in common, too.

Both were and are entertainers and excel in soulful musical commentary and wordplay… and both honed their craft under adverse conditions.

Now it should be noted, the original Wilson Pickett passed away in 2006…  and no doubt he is jammimg in the afterlife with our recently departed former GK Brizer on some sweet gospel harmonies.

Pickett was raised in Alabama singing in Baptist church choirs in the late '40's and early '50's and developed his love from music there. Moving to Detroit in 1955 to live with his father, Pickett's style of music fused his church singing with the sounds he heard from the streets of Detroit. As artists like Little Richard dominated the music world at the time, Pickett was inspired to join a band and pursue music full time.

Likewise, Brozer is at the point where he is ready to take up NFL commentary combined with pedal-steel guitar accompaniment full-time…

Pickett became a member of the gospel music group, The Violinaires, and played local church tours with other artists, such as The Soul Stirrers, The Swan Silvertones and The Davis Sisters. By 1959, Pickett had joined The Falcons, who helped gospel music crossover to mainstream markets and pave the way for soul music.

Pickett rose to fame with The Falcons on the track he co-wrote and sang, “I Found a Love.” As Pickett gained more exposure to wider audiences he decided to branch out on his own and began to record his 1963 solo debut, “It's Too Late,” which spurred the hit of the same name, peaking at #7 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart and at #49 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. The success of the single garnered Pickett a record deal from Atlantic Records in 1964. Pickett's debut for the major label, “I'm Gonna Cry,” was followed by a duet with Tami Lynn, “Come Home Baby.”

There is a definite parallel between Wilson Pickett's early solo recordings and Brozer's first round of football posts at PE.com.  Both showed promise… but seemed to leave room for more.

It would be Pickett's third single for Atlantic that would bring him success, 1965’s “In the Midnight Hour.” The song was an international success and peaked at #1 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart, at #21 on Billboard's Pop Singles chart and #12 on the U.K. Singles chart. The song sold over one million copies, was awarded a gold disc, and established Pickett as an artist in his own right.

Likewise, it was Brozer's third post for Eagles Eye that earned him international attention— his Joycean wordplay celebration of the Asante Samuel  Experience…

"Midnight Hour" was far away Wilson Pickett's biggest hit, but certainly not his last chart-topper, as he followed up with “Land of 1,000 Dances.” And Pickett's cover of Mack Rice's “Mustang Sally” became a #6 R&B hit and brought him worldwide recognition.  Likewise, Brozer just keeps bringing it as an all-star poster both at the EYE and at PE.com, with hit post after post, often under the guise of his favorite "Mighty Carson Art Players", like the loveable "HamHox" character, or the bumbling "Snorpus Blart", or the snarky "Shackleford"…

But let's get to Brozer's football focus…

To honor his Free Agent Focus in particular, here is a Bored-sponsored feature of Brozer's 2014 Solo FA Rant:

"Philly.corm suggests we should get Paul Soliai, NT, Dolphins (6'4, 340).    I HAVE NO PROB WIFF THAT IF THE $$$$ is right !   Even if Davis likes stunting mobile interior linemen, it would be nice to have a brick wall like that as an option, if teams start running right up the gut on us.  If we forced teams to run wide on us…..then our speed at ILB wiff Kendricks and Christian Jones will dominate."


"HOLY CRAP !!!!   Here is an un-biased, non-highlight clip of TJ WARD.   EVERY PLAY HE'S IN HE MAKES A WONDERFUL PLAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwZkPywFg8s     We get THIS guy, and Darqueezy Dennard,….and maybe Bewcannon or if we're lucky Pryor in the 2nd, and biff bam boom bumm bymmm we have the best 2ndary in the NFL.   "

"Bill Davis WANTS them [safeties] to be interchangeable…..but finding TWO guys that can cover and play the pass is hard to do.  I won't be greedy:  get me 1 all around good safety to add to the mix in FA, (assuming we keep Allen) and I'll be happy.  If Allen leaves, give me a FA AND a Deonne Buccanon or similar rookie to add to my boy Earl [Wolff], and we'll be OK. "

"I'd rather have Byrd…..cuz I tink he's more of a factor in the passing game, while Ward seems like a future ProBowl around the box thumper kinda guy (Earl Wolff wannabe)…..but I'll take Ward no iffens, ands, nor Butts.  Ward is quite a bit faster than Byrd, so you would tink he might have a higher upside….but I'd still take the known commodetitty in Byrd.   Either one would give me a semi. "

"Loops:   We'll be needing a full article comparing the Plusses and Minooses of our top 2 FA targets:   Jayris Byrd, or TJ Montgomery Ward……..ASAP !!!!!!   You've burned through all the "filler articles" you jotted down,…..now let's start getting to the meat -n- taters.  Thursday will be fine.  If you need any help,…shoot me an email, and I'll help you out,…….by shooting you an email back saying "hurry the ***k up". "

"My puter is about to die.  It just went blue, and flashed message about saving data from crash, and Windows being "compromised".    Looks like FrontRowRussianPornSports.corm is finally doing me in.   Thanks AA. "

"Christian Jones and/or KyleVanNoy are my 2nd round trade-up or 1st round trade-back Boys.   Boff are intruiging…..because I believe boff could play inside OR outside LB.  Boff dom in coverage,…..so you could just move em all over.   Boff would allow Kendricks not to have to cover so much, freeing him up to blitz like a mofo,…..witch he does extremely well.   In fax,….LET"S DRAFF BOFF OF THEM !!!!!  "

"The prob wiff some of these corners (Asante, Nnnnnnnnnamdee) is dey feel their skills are being wasted by the Def Coord, if they are axted to play a different style then what they feel the most comfortable in.  Asante wanted to play zone, so he could read the QB's eyes, break on the ball, and go for the pick.  He felt if the DC axted him to play someting different than zone, then his skeels weren't being maximized.  The thought that the defense as a whole might be better, even if he wasn't making as many splash plays prolly never crossed his mind.  "

"Yeah…..we need to improve by 20 to 30 % on the way our defense was playing at the end of last year (aka 700% better than the way they were playing at the beginning of last year),….and we need to improve by 20 to 30% on offense as well.  That last drive the Saints put together wouldn't have mattered if we had been up by 20 points at the end of the game (witch we shoulda been). "

"Having said dat…..I've made it pretty obvy who the 2 guys are that I want to take in the first 2 rounds  (Kyle Van Noy and Darqeezy Denard and Rashede Hageman and Deon Bucannon and Christian Jones and Anffony Barr and Calvin Pryor and Kyle Fuller). "

"Phil Sheridan (or some knob) had an article today, arguing that we should go heavy on Offense this offseason.  His rational:  Seattle doesn't prove that being elite on defense wins championships,….rather, it proves that you need to be elite on one side of the ball, and respectable on the other.  Salary cap keeps you from being elite on boff sides of the ball,….but you are better being elite on one side and respectable on the other side, than being "pretty good" on boff sides of the ball, but not elite on either.  He argued that we are much closer to being elite on offense, than defense….so put ourn eggs in that basket and run wiff it….while making sure we are at least respecktable on D.  He pretty much stole that entire idea from a post of minezes from 2 seasons ago….yet, I see no "BROZ 8" in the credits.  Why ? "

"Do you ever wear socks in the shower ? "

We will continue this discussion of FA prospects and early-round Draft hopefuls in the next blurb… but first I have to get checked out for pink-eye risk factors…


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