Evaluating Nick Foles for a new stat called “situational greatness”…

The irascible and irrepressible ATV (of Henderson, Nevada) introduced the Philly Phan Bored yesterday to the Pro Football profile of Eagles QB#1 Nick Foles based upon his 2013 season. The profile went like this: “We’re going to examine quarterbacks from a number of situations before looking at each of them individually. The grades and […]


Basic understanding of Eagles’ 3-4 two-gap assigments for D-Linemen…

Sometimes football terminology becomes such a casual reference that we often forget there are a lot of young fans out there who are trying to learn on the fly. So it’s easy to be a student of the game and have coded buzzwords and weird-sounding names for strategic approaches dropping all around you. One of […]


Time to predict your Eagles’ final 53…

They say pro football teams are built in July. Well, July is here, and the time is right for inspecting the troops who will be competing for those cherished 53 spots on the Eagles’ 2014 roster going into Game 1. This is not an analysis of who all eventually will make the team— it is […]


Silence, Fools!!! Darren Sproles is Eagles PR/KR supreme…

Everybody talking about “oh the Eagles don’t have a good return man now that DJax is gone…” Well, at least we have the stable brain of veteran poster PPW to put that nonsense into perspective— To quote the great PPW— “Silence, you dolts!!!—we have Darren Sproles for that function now!! What is wrong with you […]


Eagles will roll without Lane Johnson for a while…

I don’t mean to pile on the current Lane Johnson story, but we’ve got to record the event for the archives. I still haven’t seen the official NFL confirmation of it, but Eagles starting right tackle Lane Johnson has been suspended four games for testing positive for PEDs, according to Paul Domowitch of the Daily […]


Eagles offense seeks the ideal terminology for play calling…

I couldn’t tune in or turn on the last two days, but I certainly dropped out— my local county streetside mower took out the Verizon phone hub on our block. We have underground phone lines but every thousand feet or so Verizon brings the lines up into a little junction hub above the ground, so […]


Franklin Field gets dusted off for Eagles open TC practice…

This blurger is ripped right from a Philadelphia Eagles press release sent my way earlier today, but I found the press release newsworthy in the sense that (A) the Eagles have continued to take away our traditional public access to training camp attendance, but (B) at least they’re giving us one open TC experience opportunity […]


What is the deal with Eagles-Patriots joint practices?

Well, think back to the days when you were a promising young athlete in your selected sport… and you had a proven winner at your position of choice in the family blood-line… would you not reach out and seek the opportunity to work out with him? That’s kind of the way Eagles head coach Chip […]


Expect the unexpected as Eagles move forward in 2014…

You think you’ve seen it all in the NFL over the years, and then (as it began in the featured photo above) the Eagles somehow pull off a “hidden Riley Cooper” trick lateral play on a kickoff which darn near worked except the cross-field lateral was ruled a forward pass. That’s a play I never […]


Clowning around at Eagles minicamp after-party…

Our Eagles Evergreen Bored members are throwing a palooza of a party tonight…they’re celebrating a healthy ending to OTA’s, the kicking of a cigarette addiction by our veteran poster FTW, and the fact that Training Camp is only 34 days away. Eagles defensive tackle Benny Logan is a featured guest as he joins in the […]