Eagles send Brizer on secret scouting trip to Hawaii…


And you thought our GateKeeper went to Hawaii for mere pleasure?

Think again. GK Brizer was all about football business this past week as he scoured the Hawaiian islands for prospects. He gathered metrics on draft-eligible players who spent their college careers in our 50th state.

Most of Brizer’s reports for the Eagles are classified as top-secret. And most of the prospects he graded will probably not turn up in your traditional 7-Round Draft. But real gold can be found in the undrafted free agent signings from the football-hungry pearl of the Pacific.

One player that Brizer can divulge data about is Kamalani Alo of the U. of Hawaii Warriors. Alo played an outside linebacker position, but at 6-2, 215, and a 4.5 time in the ’40, he will surely be converted to safety at the next level. It’s no secret that Alo is on a lot of NFL draft boards, so Brizer is giving nothing away here.

You might want to add some Hawaiian flavor to the back end of your Eagles Mach 10 Plus contest entry. It’s instructive to know that Hawaiian players currently active in the NFL include Alex Green (RB, Jets), Mat McBriar (punter, Steelers), Kealoha Pilares (WR, Panthers), and Greg Salas (WR, Jets), to name a few…

Here are the prospects that Brizer studied last weekend at the Hawaii Warriors Pro Day:

Name Pos. Prospect Year Status #
Kamalani Alo LB/S 2014 Senior 47
Chaz Bajet DB 2014 Junior 21
Kawika Borden DB 2014 Senior 31
Ho’oikaika Cavaco-Amoy DL 2014 Senior 73
Nick Childs DL 2014 Junior 79
Charles Clay DB 2014 Senior 37
Craig Cofer TE 2014 Senior 86
George Daily-Lyles DL 2014 Senior 55
Brenden Daley LB 2014 Senior 56
Jackson Dionne K 2014 Junior 97
Cecil Doe WR 2014 Senior 90
Clark Evans TE 2014 Senior 84
Chris Gant WR 2014 Senior 9
Julian Gener LB 2014 Junior 28
Josh Gist DB 2014 Senior 42
Taylor Graham QB 2014 Junior 8
David Griffin OL 2014 Junior 72
Tony Grimes DB 2014 Senior 12
Ruben Guzman P 2014 Junior 44
Scott Harding WR 2014 Junior 29
John Hardy-Tuliau DB 2014 Senior 33
Jeremy Higgins QB 2014 Junior 12
Keahi Hogan DB 2014 Junior 19
Marcus Langkilde RB 2014 Junior 38
Tevita Lataimua LB 2014 Junior 52
Art Laurel LB 2014 Senior 41
Deon Leatimua LB 2014 Junior 45
Dave Lefotu OL 2014 Junior 76
Josh Long TE 2014 Junior 88
Justin Lopez RB 2014 Senior 44
Michael Martin DB 2014 Junior 46
Daniel Masifilo WR 2014 Senior 16
Siasau Matagiese DL 2014 Senior 59
Mike Milovale OL 2014 Senior 77
Jordan Pu’u-Robinson TE 2014 Senior 85
Kawehi Sablan LB 2014 Senior 49
Allen Sampson WR 2014 Junior 2
Sean Schroeder QB 2014 Senior 19
Billy Ray Stutzmann WR 2014 Senior 5
Iuta Tepa DL 2014 Senior 99
Brenden Urban OL 2014 Junior 69
Niko Uti DL 2014 Junior 98
Willis Wilson RB 2014 Junior 20
Chauncy Winchester-Makainai OL 2014 Senior 62
Tavita Woodard DL 2014 Senior 11

That is all Brizer can tell you right now about these players. Spies everywhere. But you can bet two or three of these guys are on the Eagles’ radar.

You-Tube has video clips on most of the guys on Bri’s list if you’re inclined to research them individually… or you can take a condensed look at Hawaii’s team profile video highlights by searching “University of Hawaii Warriors”…

Brizer is bringing back souvenier lei’s for all of us. Hey everyone!…we’re all gonna get lei’d !!!

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