Joe Mas on Chip Kelly’s innovation: “It’s really just common sense”…




Long-time poster Joe Masucci (aka Joe Mas) may have delivered a direct broadside hit upon the popular fan arguments that Chip Kelly’s Eagles offense is either “too innovative” or “too gimmicky” to succeed over the long haul in the NFL.

Those fans who consider the Chippah’s fast-paced zone-read offense a violation of “common sense” in the NFL have it all backwards, says Joe. In his eyes, the legitimate innovation to be found in Chip Kelly’s offense is its sheer simplicity.

To those who say “No Mas!”, consider the following excerpt from Joe’s posting at today (5/22/14):

“I think Chips is widely considered an innovator, because of 2 [good] reasons.
1. People [fans] love anything new.
2. [People see] too many [other] coaches out-think themselves…

“Look at where the game was going in the ’90s and early 2000’s with that West Coast Offense that had like 20 words in a play call. Guys running all these complicated routes, with the primary target on one side and the second [target] all the way on the other side…

“[You had] all these running plays with all these skill position guys clogging up lanes. You made one mistake on offense and it screwed up everything.”

“Then you look at how Peyton Manning, Brady and Brees have just simple concepts in their offenses. Fast- paced (even without a no-huddle, the Saints are quick to get the next play in), easy reads for the QB, great spacing, [looking for and] taking advantage of defensive weaknesses. ”

“We finally get an Eagles head coach that copies all these [simple] concepts in his offense, and also says how bigger, smarter, faster, better-conditioned athletes help… But some people [fans] just look right past all this simple basic common sense stuff because there is no way [innovation] can be that simple?? ”

“I mean think about it…[RB] Bryce Brown [as not fitting into the Kelly system] is a perfect example. The simple solution is to get an RB that fits better… instead, some fans complain that they need to change their whole blocking scheme when [Bryce Brown] goes into the game??? Many fans [like Woody!] love all these running plays where all these skill position guys wham and sift and get in the way … but they don’t get that it’s better to isolate a guy like [LT] Jason Peters to block his man, and then let Shady [McCoy] run into a space not occupied by a defender. ”

“Common sense… it’s such a new concept, that it’s ‘innovative’ to some people. We as Eagles fans still need to ‘DE- Reid’ and ‘DE- Banner’ ourselves in how we think.”

That’s a pretty good breakdown by Joe designed to help any fan who may be mired in stereotypical ideas of what an Eagles offense should look or act like. I have a brother who is a lot like Woody, the beloved ancient mariner who grew up on smash-mouf football and the West Coast Offense complexities of the past few decades. I’m going to insist my brother read Joe Mas’ post. He needs to open his mind to the Chippah and stop dreaming of the past.

Change is hard for most people… but sometimes it’s just simple.

Thomas Jackson

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