Redskins at Eagles Livefyre Game Commentary…

This is it…the final game of the Eagles 2011 season… Hard to believe we are here after surviving the ball of confusion known as The Lockout… but here we be. Certainly we are at a time of combined sorrow and joy for our team…sorry we couldn’t have stolen two more victories from underrated teams like […]


Meaningful game for Eagles rookie safety Jaiquawn Jarrett…

Don’t tell “Double J” this is a meaningless game with the Redskins on Sunday… Rookie Jaiquawn Jarrett, the Eagles’ second-round draft pick out of Temple University, will start in Kurt Coleman’s spot at strong safety alongside free safety Nate Allen. (Coleman is on IR with a biceps injury…) Jarrett will be making his second start. He […]


Should Eagles play their starters or backups?— I say play both….

Twelve of the sixteen games being played this weekend in the NFL have playoff implications… but Redskins at Eagles is not one of them… Recently I commented to Dave Spadaro that my ideal wish for this game in Philly would be for the Eagles and the Redskins to start their #1′s… after all, people who […]


Reid says the glass is half full…

I hate to see the Eagles’ 2011 season end abruptly… no winning record this year… so I will savor the final game this year against the Redskins at the Linc. The Linc will be empty and the U-Haul’s will be on the highway soon enough… so one last hurrah in the attempt to finish at 8-8. […]


Eagles 20, Dallas 7… but no ticket to the Dance….

Reality bites… and it bit the Eagles and their fans hard in the gluteus maximus as the Birds actually played a tough and gritty game to defeat the Cowboys 20-7 in Dallas on Christmas Eve. TE Brent Celek was on his game… Vick was on it too… 90,000 Cowboys fans went home for Christmas knowing […]


Eagles on a Hot Tin Roof in Dallas… Livefyre game commentary…

This is it. This is our 2011 season on the line. Maybe the better Tennessee Williams reference would be the immortal line of Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, which would be paraphrased: “The Eagles are depending on the kindness of strangers…” The NFL is what happens to you while you’re making other plans. […]


Eagles defense studies Cowboys’ most successful formations…

You may have seen a write-up a year or so ago on this subject by Jonathan Bales, the founder of the Dallas Cowboys Times who is obsessed with film study of Cowboys football.  I thought I’d try to put a new wrinkle on it and try to guess how the Eagles are identifying the most likely […]


Romo will take the sack now… hmmmmm…

Seems as if Tony Romo does not fear the “sack pack” pass rush of the Eagles anymore because he’s learned to appreciate the value of NOT throwing the balll up under pressure. Now there’s a novel approach to playing quarterback in the NFL… Commandment No. 7 on Bill Parcells’ list for quarterbacks is this: Throwing the […]


Eagles defense a late bloomer… and Amputatoes win Fancy Fantasy…

During the power outage at Candlestick Park Monday night, I suddenly realized that every Fantasy Football league in the world would be derailed ifthat game in San Francisco had to be cancelled or postponed… Fortunately (or UNfortunately according to the law of Brizer), the lights came back on and the MNF game was completed, allowing […]


Eagles Mystery Ship sails on, 45-19, over Jets…

There was a point in the game with the Eagles up, 28-0 in the 2nd quarter, and Juan Castillo switched from a pressing man scheme to a soft zone coverage defense… and within a few blinks of the eye, it was a 28-13 game… That’s when I came up with the name “Mystery Ship” to […]