“Hard to believe, Harry…” Andy Reid is fired in Philly…

Can you imagine the conversation Whitey Ashburn and Harry Kalas must be having right now in the Great Sky above? Owner Jeff Lurie wasted no time Monday morning in announcing the termination (with benefits) of Eagles 14-year head coach Andy Reid.                             Hard […]


Eagles crushed by Giants, 42-7… but Redskins eliminate Cowboys…

I had to wait until the Redskins-Cowboys game ended to post this, as I needed to get some kind of closure upon the horrific 4-12 season that was finalized for the Eagles on Sunday. First, let me say I am very happy for London Fletcher, the ILB for the Redskins who has started 240 consecutive games for […]


Eagles at Giants week 17 Livefyre pregame show…with a Chargers twist…

After 4 preseason and 15 regular season games, and all the plotting, planning and revising we as fans have done, it's closing time for the Eagles in 2012. Strangely enough for this game against the Giants, it will be like old times again—Vick and McCoy together in the backfield, Andy and Marty calling the plays… […]


“Black Monday” Bowl…Eagles at Giants…

You could have won a lot of dough in 2012 betting that both the Eagles and the Giants would be eliminated from not only the Division title race but also playoff contention by Week 17. But here we are—two rival franchises falling from grace—and Black Monday looms. Heads will roll in New York and Philly after […]


A Christmas to forget for Eagles fans…but thanks for being you!

Okay, so 2012 turned out to be the ultimate bummer of a season for Eagles fans… But here on Christmas Day, we can at least appreciate a few things— (1) Our owner, Mr. Lurie, will not be carting off our team in Mayflower vans to Indianapolis in the middle of the night… and (2), we've […]


Eagles come up short again— Redskins 27, Philly 20…

Nick "Shaggy" Foles was on a roll there for a while, but in the end, the instincts to make the winning play were just not there. Shaggy drove the Eagles to the Redskins 5 before his intentional grounding penalty ended the game. Trying to play spoiler, the Eagles (4-11) fell short in what could be Andy Reid's […]


Vick end up with Jets? It wouldn’t surprise me…

You know I'm scrambling for material when I make the future of a multiple-concussed Mike Vick the topic… No one knows for sure yet where Vick will play in 2013…or whether he will play at all. One thing's for sure—Vick wants to play quarterback, and he wants to start.           Vick is unlikely […]


Fishing for Eagles news on a 4-10 kinda day…

There was a ton of NFL football to absorb on Sunday, even with the Birds not playing. I found myself using NFL football to escape the headlines from tragedies in the U.S.A. and around the world. I also found myself in the vice-grip of writer's block. To make it worse, there's a cold fog over […]


Smile again, Eagles fans…Graham Cracker is back and better than ever…

"Smile" was a mysterious album produced and recorded by Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys long ago that never got distributed by Capitol Records. It allegedly was the Beach Boys' greatest musical achievement. For some reason it got hung up in contract disputes and red tape. Brian Wilson's declining health at the time did not help. "Smile" was […]